Broad Street Billy: In the stands, colorful fans, and gusts that'll blow your beer away

BROAD STREET BILLY had a great day at the ballpark yesterday, partying with fellow fans in the leftfield seats - "RAH-OOOL!"- while trying to keep from being blown out of the Bank and onto Pattison Avenue.

GREENEST FAN: "I've been a Phillies fan so long, I watched the baby rats at the Vet grow up into big ones," said Tim Henwood, 35, of Mayfair, whose face was covered in thick green and red greasepaint, topped with a matching Afro that made the red "P" on his wife Helen's white-painted cheek seem low-key by comparison.

The Henwood family - "All Philly lifers!" Henwood said - watch games in groups of 35 near Cottman and Torresdale avenues.

"My dad, Robert Osborne, is such a Phillies fan, he gets down and bangs on the floor when something good happens in regular 'nothing' games," said Helen, a school-bus driver who took the afternoon off.

"We met when I went over to her brother's house for a couple of Buds," said Henwood, a roofer, pointing to the sweating bottle of Budweiser in his hand for emphasis. "Fifteen years later, here we are. Three kids. All fans."

BEST BEER BABE: "You got to hold onto your beers, darling," warned the motherly Elizabeth Madgin, whose upper-deck beer cart in the shadow of Harry the K's Broadcast Bar & Grille was buffeted by blow-your-socks-off turbulence from start to last call.

"If your beer falls off the counter, doll, you got to buy another one," said Madgin, a South Philly native who's been slinging suds at Phils games since the '90s. "If your money flies away, you got to pay me again, sweetie."

MOST PHANATIC FAN: Matt McDonald, a salesman from Malvern, watched the entire game through a peephole in the neck of his homemade Phillie Phanatic headpiece.

This was the head's game-day debut, but McDonald was first seen in it running down Broad Street with daughters Anna, 7, and Abby, 5, at the start of the 2008 championship parade.

How did he get past the massive police lines? "I kissed a lot of cops," McDonald said. "I mean, the Phanatic kissed a lot of cops."

MOST NAKED FAN: Despite the wind-driven chill, Yousef Musallam, 21, of Cherry Hill, watched the whole game naked to the waist. A Phillies pin-striped jersey spray-painted on his torso did not ward off goose bumps and shivers.

When his cousin Shadi Saba, 20, of South Philly, who settled for spray-painting his hair red, complained about the cold after heavy clouds blocked out the sun, Musallam said, "Are you kidding? You got a shirt on!"

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