Broad Street Billy's back!

Hi, I'm Broad Street Billy, ready to print your warmest Phillies memories, stories, photos, songs/poems, phan-caves and good-luck rituals as we fight our way to another sea-of-red parade down my favorite street.

Send me your Phillies stuff at Include your name, neighborhood/hometown and how long you've been a Phillies fan.

During last fall's magical march to the World Series championship, you sent me Phillies-dressed babies and pooches, customized Phillies cars, Phillies man caves and gal grottos, heart-melting memories of Phillies parents and nutty game day superstitions - hey, they worked, right?

So let's do it again while we watch J-Roll and Chutley, Hollywood and Mad Dog, Chooch and the Big Man and the Flyin' Hawaiian do it again with Generation-2009 Phillies "RA-OOOOL!" and self-styled "Old Goat" Pedro. LET'S GO, PHILS!