Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bob Ford

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Bob Ford is an award-winning sports columnist for The Inquirer. He is a four-time Pennsylvania Sportswriter of the Year, as selected by the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association. His work has been cited numerous times by Associated Press Sports Editors judges and he won an Eclipse Award for outstanding coverage of horse racing.

Prior to becoming a columnist at the Inquirer, Ford was the 76ers beat writer for six seasons and then a general assignment feature writer with a specialty in Olympic Sports. In 1995, he was designated a fellow of The Knight Center for Specialized Journalism.

Ford has written sports in the Philadelphia area since 1981 when he served as the Phillies beat writer and later as a general sports columnist for the Delaware County Daily Times.

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Latest post: This week really matters for Eagles - 09/17/2015
The problem with understanding the Chip Kelly offense is that there is no Chip Kelly offense. This is a head coach who is difficult to stuff inside a well-defined box, and the same goes for whatever schemes his offensive team happens to use in a given series or game or season. Heaven knows, people have tried since Kelly left Oregon to join the Eagles. There have been lots of labels - zone-read, read-option, hurry-up, quick-strike - but the labels just don't stick.
To Phillies fans hoping desperately for a change in the team's direction - and, yes, by now everyone knows exactly what you think that first change should be - the sad news that team president David Montgomery requires a leave of absence while he deals with his recovery from cancer surgery was tempered somewhat by the appointment of Pat Gillick as the club's "interim caretaker."

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