Friday, July 3, 2015

Bob Fernandez

Bob Fernandez
The scope and speed of the changes astonished insiders. One warned there could be a backlash.
CBS3 will rotate morning news anchor Ukee Washington into its nighttime newscasts in a sweeping reorganization of on-air talent, the ratings-challenged TV station confirmed Wednesday.
CBS3 clears house, fires May, Orr, Reece
Washington moves to nights at CBS3
Jurassic World is helping Comcast Corp.-owned Universal Pictures devour box-office records like a T. rex. The futuristic franchise reboot barreled to $1 billion in a record-setting 13 days this month and could surpass $1.5 billion before it fades to extinction on the big screen, movie-industry observers say.
Can 'Jurassic World' box-office carry the whole summer movie slate?