Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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Get fit to be the best you can be

Bernie Parent
Bernie Parent

Saturday is March 1st. It’s time to get in shape for the summer! It’s been a long winter (and it’s not over yet). This brutal winter has kept many of us indoors and stagnant. It has been easier to put our resolutions on hold than to face this cold. Let’s make the goals and decisions necessary to get in shape.

How many people don’t get to enjoy summer activities because they don’t feel comfortable with themselves? How many of you are missing great opportunities to do things with friends and family because of your own restrictions?

Ask yourself, if it was July 1st, and your kids wanted to go to the beach, would you feel good? Luckily for most of us, it’s not July 1st, and we still have four months to get in gear. Lets work to make sure we can’t give ourselves or our friends and family any excuses to not enjoy ourselves.

I’m lucky to be 68 and in shape. The healthier and happier you feel, the more good things happen for you.

When I need to get in shape and jumpstart my routine, I cut out sugar, carbohydrates and gluten. The best way to kick these three things to the curb? Google what each of these do to your body, and hopefully you never look back. Understanding the effects that sugar, carbs, and gluten have on your body will make cutting them out easier and all the more necessary. Feed your body, not your appetite. Eat for health, not for comfort.

Once you’ve successfully gotten your diet on track, exercise is next. It keeps you motivated, especially this time of year. For example, if you get up in the morning and you’re down on yourself, you will only keep going in circles. You have to have a purpose, and that goes for anything in life. I’m going hunting in Colorado in seven months. Every day, I wake up to a picture of the place we’re going to hunt. It becomes my motivation and purpose to eat right, stay in top shape, and prepare for this trip.

If your purpose is to make it to the beach with your kids this summer, put a picture of the beach in plain view of where you lay your head to rest at night and you will wake up to be reminded of your purpose every day. From there, you will make your goals to eat right and get in shape in order to achieve that purpose.

And maybe you’re not worried about the way you look. What you’re really worried about is the way you feel. And you can most certainly change that.

In reality, your purpose could be anything. Maybe you have a project coming up in the next couple months, or maybe you’re building something. Define it. Desire it. It will give you the energy to wake up every day and chase it. You have something to look forward to. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. As long as you keep it in sight and set attainable goals to reach it, you can do anything.

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