Unconventional Wisdom | Young girls choose to be sex toys: Is that power?

We live in a world in which oral sex is now second base.

In which girls dress like porn stars.

In which the kids you see at the airport this weekend heading for spring break will wind up topless in Girls Gone Wild, Fort Lauderdale '07 videos.

Are you cool with this?

Frustrated American Christians aren't. They want girls to sign purity pledges in which they promise to stay virgins.

They're against mandatory immunization of girls against sexually-transmitted viruses that cause cervical cancer because they're afraid it'll encourage promiscuity.

These are heavy-handed solutions. But I understand the impetus behind them.

Rampant slut culture is making everyone crazy.

Society, to paraphrase a line from a Nathaniel West novel, is a vessel being slowly filled with cold, dirty water.

In her book Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture, Ariel Levy says women have stopped fighting misogyny and are now part of the frat party of pop culture, where men run the show.

Girls raised on music videos and the Victoria's Secret catalog attire themselves like a 16-year-old boy's midnight fantasy. Then they attend parties where they dance-grind against boys, engage in heterosexual girl-girl make-out sessions to turn boys on, and hook up with guys for soul-free sex.

Post-feminists all, young women say it's empowering to be a ho, a personal choice.

But all they're doing is men's bidding. What ever happened to old-fashioned feminism, when women decided to become their own people, and not men's handmaidens and sex puppets?

Aping boy behavior, girls today will use crude boyspeak regarding sex, talking about "hitting it," and calling boys "bitches," says Laura Sessions Stepp in her book Unhooked.

Many of these girls are from well-off families. They kill themselves studying in high school or college, and hook up with random guys on weekends, Stepp and others say.

Girls used to express feelings in dealing with males, and sought real relationships.

But then women were told they could be whatever they wanted. Turns out, what girls wanted was to be like males, because men have the power.

Unfortunately, when it comes to sex, girls are not exercising power; they are subjugating themselves to male needs, simply servicing guys who give little back.

It's not without consequence. In places like Brandeis University, young women are reporting that they're drinking more, and that they're confused and aching, referring to themselves as whores, saying they feel empty.

What counselors are saying is that girls need older women in the workplace and the family to tell them not to be like boys, and to remind them to be truer to their instincts to have meaningful relationships.

That's tough in a world that prizes appearance over all. Recently, young women at a sorority at Indiana's DePauw University were accused of jettisoning less attractive females from the house, known on campus as "the dog house."

Girls gone male is a trainwreck trajectory. It's time to regain the controls.

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