Sideshow: Martha Stewart to the rescue of Lively-Reynolds wedding

Without Martha Stewart, Blake Lively says, her wedding to Ryan Reynolds would have been rubbish.

Lively: Disaster averted

Must you have the perfect wedding to have the perfect marriage?

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds almost put that question to the test at their '12 nuptials.

"Our wedding was becoming a disaster, and we didn't know what to do," Lively, 26, tells Vogue.

They avoided disaster by calling the only person on Earth who can rescue any social occasion from ruin: Martha Stewart.

"She sent her team down to save us. And then she called her friends who have a home in South Carolina and set us up at the most amazing getaway. This is the day of our wedding!" says Lively.

The perfect day ended with a gaffe: One of the sparklers singer Florence Welch brought out for the partiers at the reception burned a hole in Lively's wedding gown.

But it all turned out just fine. "Everything we do in life we do together," Lively says of the couple's relationship. Lively is promoting her new lifestyle website, Preserve.


Forgiveness is divine

Wealth, power, fame. It's all meaningless when it comes right down to it. The true accomplishment, rocker Tom Petty says, is to learn forgiveness.

"Probably the greatest achievement you can reach is when you're able to forgive the most heinous thing in your life," Petty, 63, tells Men's Journal. "And if I'm not successful at that, I forgive myself."


First novel by local writer

Michael Elkin, 42, features editor at Philly's Jewish Exponent, has published his first novel, I, 95, through Amazon's Kindle. Elkin, who describes the style as magic realism, says it "focuses on an aging dreamer crippled by deformed toes who finds the ability to fly."