Sideshow: Man claims he can prove he's Michael Jackson's son

I can prove I'm MJ's son!

Singer and self-declared Michael Jackson spawn Brandon Howard, 31, has announced that on Friday he will go public with conclusive DNA evidence MJ was his dad.

The Cleveland native's mother is pop singer Miki Howard, who was represented in the 1980s by MJ's dad, Joe Jackson. TMZ says Brandon somehow acquired the late pop star's DNA from an old orthodontic device.

Jackson estate lawyer Howard Weitzman told TMZ, "We've never even heard from [Howard]." The lawyer added, "Any deadline for claiming to be Michael's child has long since passed."


Khloé: My dad? No, my lover!

Speaking of issues and questions paternal, Khloé Kardashian just revealed a bit of personal history that's sure to make your ears prick up.   

She's guest-hosting E!'s Chelsea Lately, and in her opening monologue Wednesday, she showed a real talent for comic dish. Such as her distress at persistent rumors O.J. Simpson is her real father.

She's sure it's not true. But if it is, there's an added ick factor.

"Well, I really hope that's not the case because I did [sleep with] him once," Khloé, 29, joked. (Ba-dum-bum!)


Oprah, Russell Brand on H

That'd be the Big, Bad H - heroin. That's the topic on the next episode of Oprah Prime Sunday on OWN. Oprah and guest Russell Brand will have a reflective, post-Philip Seymour Hoffman chat about the drug and the pleasures - and horrors - of addiction.

"It never really goes away," Brand says of the struggle to keep clean, according to excerpts of the interview on "It's always there - dormant. If something provokes it, you'll be back out there." Brand, 38, who voices mad scientist Dr. Nefario in Despicable Me 2, says recovering addicts need to abstain for good. "There's a seductive idea that maybe you can use again," he says. "Maybe you can control it."

Adds Brand, who insists we view addiction as an illness, "the first thing you have to do is accept you can never use."


MTV Awards noms are in

Time for the post-Oscar also-ran award shows. MTV on Thursday announced nominations for its movie awards extravaganza set for April 13. American Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street have a leading eight nods each. Best Onscreen Duo pits Matthew McConaughey 'n' Jared Leto against Ice Cube 'n' Kevin Hart, while the Best Kiss category this year includes two threesomes: James Franco, Ashley Benson, and Vanessa Hudgens in Spring Breakers and Emma Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, and Will Poulter from We're the Millers.

Vote for the winners at


Swift's gal-pal posse grows

USA Today reports that serial dater Taylor Swift is adding furiously to her stable of female pals. There's Selena Gomez, of course. But also Jaime King, Lorde, and actors Hailee Steinfeld and Sarah Hyland. And Taylor recently shared Instagram pics of her taking a road trip with Victoria's Secret model Karlie Kloss. When should we expect Taylor to write heartbreaking songs about the BFFs?