Sideshow: No jail time for 50 Cent

No jail time for 50 Cent

He'll always be half a buck short of a buck, but rapper 50 Cent has avoided jail time in a domestic violence case dating to June 23, when he allegedly kicked Daphne Joy Narvaez (who may be the mother of a kid of his) and busted up some of her stuff. In a plea deal with L.A. prosecutors Monday, he accepted a count of misdemeanor vandalism in return for dropping a domestic violence count. He gets three years of probation and 30 days of community service, plus counseling, and must pay $7,100 in restitution to her. Plus her restraining order against him stays in effect.

Rapper 50 Cent reached a plea deal in a domestic violence case Monday, getting three years' probation.


Jackson doc goes free

Conrad Murray, former physician to deceased pop god Michael Jackson, left jail at a minute after midnight Monday. He'd been there after his November 2011 conviction on manslaughter charges in Michael's death. He'd served two of the four years of his original sentence. Murray snuck out a back way (avoiding haters) and is said to be seeking a publicist. He's also said to be seeking a resumption of his medical career - but the Medical Board of California has said a resounding nuh-uh to that.


Aldean bus accident

Country singer Jason Aldean's tour bus, wending its way through Indiana, struck and killed a man who apparently walked into traffic early Monday. Aldean, on board at the time, expressed his condolences online afterward. The driver apparently was not at fault.


Halloween, celeb style

Thursday's Halloween, and it is the way-silly season. Lots of folks plan to go as Miley Cyrus, in various guises. (One joint ran out of twerking teddies.) Walter White from Breaking Bad is big. And the Duck Dynasty guys are everywhere - not just on the faces of the Boston Red Sox!! So are the Minions from Despicable Me. But error runs rampant. Julianne Hough, alas, went to a party in blackface (whaaaat??), as Crazy Eyes, played so well by Uzo Aduba in Orange Is the New Black. Hough is now apologizing to everyone who will listen. And there's a very bad trend in Trayvon Martin and/or George Zimmerman costumes. The big winners? You guessed it: Anyone from The Walking Dead.


Post-anesthesia accordionist

Speaking of tragically weird, Mary Steenburgen had surgery under general anesthetic. When she awoke (she tells People mag), she had a yen to play an instrument, and a talent she'd never had before. It was - yikes - the accordion. Husband Ted Danson got her one for Valentine's Day, and yet still remains married to her; he says, correctly, that it was at first "scary and threatening to the relationship." She has composed 40 tunes and reportedly has a recording contract. I wish we could say April Fool, I really do.


Sweating the small stuff

     George Clooney went out with fabulous U.K. barrister Amal Alamuddin, currently representing WikiLeaks guy Julian Assange in his extradition tussle. . . . Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, who just announced the end of their marriage, have been spotted 'round NYC with son Flynn.


This column includes information from Inquirer wire services.