Truck Stop: Undrgrnd Donuts

French Toast Donut, Photo


What you'll find: Delicious doughnuts. Custom doughnuts, if that's your thang. Michael Ostrofsky, owner and "chief doughnut engineer," is willing to get crazy when it comes to doughnut creations. "The other day, a girl came up with vanilla with mango swirl and coconut," said Ostrofsky, whose truck has a flat-screen TV that was playing reruns of "The Ren & Stimpy Show" when we stopped by. Choose your own dunks, swirls, toppings and dusts to create the doughnut of your dreams.

Flavors: Not feeling imaginative? No problem. There are plenty of ready-made flavors here. We really liked the Caramel Apple (caramel dunk, dried apple, vanilla swirl) and French Toast (maple dunk, cinnamon sugar). There's one with bacon, another with espresso dust and one with Cap'n Crunch.

That's not all: There's also a doughnut called the 420, described on the truck's website as, "Whatever we got man - just chill." Gotcha, Mike.

The truck: Snazzy yellow sunrise design featuring the city skyline. Nice-looking truck, as food trucks go.

Social stuff: Twitter: @UndrgrndDonuts. Facebook: Undrgrnd Donuts.

Where: Find it at Drexel, Temple and elsewhere. Best to check the website and social media before you head out.


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