What's a Neighbor To Doo-Doo Here?

Q: I have two dogs and my neighbor has two dogs, and we both have invisible fences. The problem is my dogs always wear their collars, whereas her dogs never do, so they are constantly in my yard running around and doing their business. In the morning when I let my dogs out right before I leave for work, her dogs are generally out - in my yard - and I can't get my dogs to come back inside. This week I had to give mine a bath after rolling around in her dogs' business. Do I say something to her or keep mum and just fume?

- Cringing in Coatesville

A: Sounds like your neighbor's dogs have invisible collars, too. That's terri-bulllll. I would definitely say something. You have no business picking up your neighbor dog's business on your property. That is disgusting and disrespectful. I would use a cellphone camera or a real camera to take a picture of those dogs the next time they wind up in your yard. And then I'd go next door and start barking at your neighbor. Ask her what's up with her invisible fence? Is it so invisible that it doesn't exist? Maybe she only signed up for the sign and didn't get the service that comes with it. Just be polite. Tell her to get her fence fixed or go get a shovel. I believe you can teach an old neighbor new tricks.

Q:The whole Andrew Bynum business is driving me crazy, now Thad Young is hurt. Can I get a pass and turn to college basketball and hockey and get back to the Sixers next year?

- Bummed in Bustleton

A: Pass granted, Bum. Lucky for you this is a good time to get tuned into college basketball. These days I'm not so sure about the NHL in general and the Flyers in particular, unless you bleed orange and black. The thing about pro basketball is that a lot of times teams will look good on paper, but paper players don't play the games. Injuries can and do happen, and it's always unfortunate for the player, the team and the fans. On paper, Bynum would be a great addition to the 76ers. He really is that good. But his knees have a lot of mileage on them and that always needs to be taken into consideration when trading for a player, especially a big man. Thad's injury is tough, but he's young and should come back in good shape. What I like best about college basketball, especially during tourney time, is that you can have a favorite and if that team gets bounced out you can pick another favorite, and keep changing allegiances throughout the brackets up to the championship game. So get psyched for March Madness and don't let the pros make you crazy, bro.