Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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MOUNT HOLLY The township council voted, 3-1, Monday to create a redevelopment zone, after listening to concerns expressed by about a dozen residents and shop owners who worry that their properties may be seized through eminent domain.
Do you want to start a lively row among Realtors? Utter the words dual agency, in which one Realtor, or one brokerage, represents both the seller and the buyer of one home.
Even for those who don't live within its borders, Voorhees is an incredibly useful place.
The old annex of the Mid-City YWCA, blighted for years, will be replaced by a new high-rise with retail, apartments and more.
The real estate market has long worked on a simple system: If you want to buy a new house, sell the old one and use the equity for a down payment.
A look at this weekend's open houses in the Philadelphia region.
Many homeowners are perplexed when they see defects in their homes. If there is a water spot on the ceiling, does it mean a few shingles on the roof need to be replaced? Or does an entirely new roof need to be purchased?
QUESTION: A family member of mine lives in an eight-unit condominium.
The Federal Reserve says American homes gained $2.3 trillion in value last year, a huge amount and evidence of growing home values.
Population: 29,131 (2010) Median income: $86,675 (2009) Area: 11.6 square miles Homes for sale: 89 Settlements in the last three months: 43
The dramatic collapse and recovery of home prices in recent years has stoked interest in the fate of housing, creating new fans for wonky price indexes formerly tracked mostly by the slide-rule set.
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