Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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How to Clean Kitchen Cabinetry

This cabinetry is by British company Chalon via Flickr.Your kitchen cabinets are exposed to grease, dirt, finger prints, sticky stuff, and the occasional projectile meatball. Ouch. That kind of stinks, because you paid a lot for them, right? I mean even if your kitchen doesn't look like this one...

Chalon Kitchens via still don't want to see this stuff on your cabinets. Amiright?

Clockwise from top left: Sean mAcEntee, tsakshaug, Word Ridden, S Pallavincini -- FlickrYour kitchen cabinets don't like being scrubbed with harsh abrasives and solvents.

Just say no. (Photo: oskay/Flickr)

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What they do like is to be gently cleaned with a nice, grease-cutting dish soap and water solution, and a sponge. If you need more abrasive power to cut through sticky grease, a coarse dish cloth is a good option, which won't strip the finish off of your cabinets. Your painting contractor will thank you.

Bird rehabilitation workers clean a pelican after the 2010 Gulf oil spill.If dish soap and water can clean crude oil off of birds after oil spills, it can definitely handle your cabinets. Denver remodeling expert BrightNest says so, too.

Cleaned pelicans released back into the wild in Pensacola. Photo by USFWS Headquarters.Thanks and have a great day!

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