Thursday, November 27, 2014
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Some people are not cut out to be homeowners. I call them NOHOs. What distinguishes them is not their income, their mobility, or where they live – rather, it is how they live.
If it weren't for a Chester real estate agent named John Cochran and the clergyman/author Henry Ward Beecher, Delaware County might not have a Norwood.
Stair lifts are becoming a baby-boomer accessory, local remodelers say. Some homeowners are even designing around them so they will be able to stay in their houses as they age.
I spent the first six months of the year hearing real estate agents complain there just wasn't enough for sale to satisfy prospective buyers.
Along a country road in the Eayrestown section of Lumberton, an expanse of white fencing comes into view. A farmhouse reveals itself slowly, as do lush green fields and a stable.
Middle-income families are unable to afford the median-priced home in just over half of the country's 25 largest cities, and in the least affordable metropolitan areas, they aren't even in the game.
Population: 5,891 (2012). Median income: $59,223 (2012). Area: 0.8 square miles. Settlements in the last three months: 15. Houses for sale: 32.
First she listed her historic Connecticut property for sale. Now the Academy Award-winning actress has listed her East Hampton home for $4.45 million. Located just a few blocks from the ocean, the newly-renovated retreat has 3 bedrooms, a den, 2-car garage and loft.
A look at this weekend's open houses in the Philadelphia region.
One of the gems from late mid-century modern architect Frank Weise has just hit the market.
Fascinated with American history, Beth Adelson wanted to be close to our country’s deepest roots.
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