Saturday, April 18, 2015


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Ignore the part about zero to 60 in 2.95 seconds. Instead, check out the price.
For those preparing to take a test called the SAT (Strange Automotive Trivia), a knowledge of recent BMW nomenclature is essential.
If you’re a parent, you know how much children cost.
If you don’t have cameras in your car now, you will pretty soon.
Take the Acura ILX, which, for its 2016 refresh, strives for the pre-parent market with a compact sedan that is subtly sexy yet practical, athletic yet modestly upscale.
Let’s face it: Big crossover SUVs are not objects of lust, mostly due to their reputation as family vehicles.
I welcomed another spin in the Evoque, a vehicle that I think still strongly influences crossover design. Just take a look at the current Ford Explorer and Escape.
If Mercedes-Benz is right, the car of the future will have a cockpit that looks like a living room, give you the freedom to set up play spaces in the middle of the street, and have more to say to pedestrians than the stereotypical New York cabbie.
Although a sporty econobox sounds like a contradiction in terms, it isn't always. Take the subcompact Ford Fiesta ST, a delightfully athletic little hatchback that derives plenty of oomph from its 197-horsepower turbo and nifty cornering qualities from its sport-tuned suspension.
Chrysler is finally hard at work on the successor to the 300, one of the longest-running modern designs in the industry. (The new 300 will supposedly arrive in 2018.)

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