Saturday, September 20, 2014
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Think twice next time you tailgate that new Audi in front of you; there might not be a human driving it.
The Alfa Romeo 4C won’t be at dealers until later this month. That’s a good thing for store managers, who will need the extra time to hire salesmen who are willing to wipe up customer drool.
The problem is with the brake rotors warping. Are there certain types of rotors or pads I can use to prevent this?
The Street: Not only do folks not want to burn up gas anymore but, when they have to, they want to put as little cash into it as possible. The folks at Kelley Blue Book understand this and have a list of vehicles trying to tread the fine line between electric efficiency and hybrid pricing.
The Mini Cooper has fought hard to seem quirky and irreverent since its rebirth 12 years ago, but don’t be fooled by its charm offensive.
An Acura RLX sedan demonstrated an unusual way to tow another car this week: the vehicles were not physically attached.
(MCT) Admittedly, the wife was not enamored by the beefy, tough, redesigned 2015 Chevy Tahoe. She complained every time she had to step up and into...
Natural gas is the neglected stepchild of the alternative fuel vehicles industry
WASHINGTON (AP) - Both houses of Congress scolded the nation's highway safety agency Tuesday over its tardy handling of a deadly problem with General Motors cars, questioning whether it is competent to guarantee the safety of increasingly complex vehicles.
Since all-wheel-drive crossover SUVs have become so popular in snow-prone places such as Philadelphia, I thought an AWD crossover variation on the Annual Inquirer Cheap Car Survey might be of service.

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