Wednesday, April 1, 2015


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I was wondering how the job market in your industry is for young people and how they are adapting to all the changes in cars these days.
The Infiniti QX60 3.5 looks like a big SUV (it’s actually midsize), but it is surprisingly easy to drive and to live with, for a three-row crossover.
Lexus, meanwhile — the soft, quality-conscious do-gooder brand — prefers ghostly silent luxury sedans and timid crossovers. Or it did.
When you drive up to your neighborhood car wash, you’re likely to be confronted by a blizzard of price points and option choices. Do you spring for them or just get the basic hose-off? Here are our recommendations for two options to go for and two to skip.
Readers ask some odd questions. One recent e-mail was from a guy who wondered if I could recommend him to management as my successor if I were planning to get out of Dodge.
Making an unexceptional experience exceptional is how Toyota has sold more than 40 million Corollas since 1966. It is the car’s raison d’être.
Sharp, sensuous lines — the kind that define young rowdies in fine old photos — soften over time.
The new cars most likely to become valued collectibles in the future include high-powered sports cars like the Chevrolet ZO6 and Dodge Challenger Hellcat.
The auto-parts maker Delphi is behind a 3,500-mile cross-country test drive - from San Francisco to New York - in an autonomous car, a trip intended to push self-driving car technology to its limits.
2015 BMW 228i xDrive Coupe: All-around fun. Price: $38,600 as tested ($33,900 base price) Marketer's pitch: "Meet the road rebel."

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