Tuesday, September 23, 2014
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Anything roughly as big as a Motel 6 can quickly become an expressway smasher.
I’m interested in a car I saw for sale online.
In a matter of two days, history was made at Chicago's McCormick Place, as the world's first 3D printed electric car named Strati - Italian for "layers" - took its first test drive.
As summer winds down, competition for the North American Car and Truck/Utility of the Year Awards is heating up.
Cadillac's flagship Escalade sport utility vehicle keeps its bold, distinctive style and immense proportions after a major redesign for 2015.
Think twice next time you tailgate that new Audi in front of you; there might not be a human driving it.
The Alfa Romeo 4C won’t be at dealers until later this month. That’s a good thing for store managers, who will need the extra time to hire salesmen who are willing to wipe up customer drool.
The problem is with the brake rotors warping. Are there certain types of rotors or pads I can use to prevent this?
The Street: Not only do folks not want to burn up gas anymore but, when they have to, they want to put as little cash into it as possible. The folks at Kelley Blue Book understand this and have a list of vehicles trying to tread the fine line between electric efficiency and hybrid pricing.
The Mini Cooper has fought hard to seem quirky and irreverent since its rebirth 12 years ago, but don’t be fooled by its charm offensive.

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