Of Two Minds: Creative Couples in Art & History

This exhibit explores the art and achievements of romantic couples from the powerful royalty of the 16th century to cinema stars of Old Hollywood to local artists creating together today. Whether richer or poorer, in sickness or in health, in traditional marriages or same-sex partnerships, these power couples of the past and present collaborated, supported, or even taught one another their crafts. They include well-known collaborators, such as printmakers William and Catherine Blake, and lesser-known (and less legally recognized) couples such as Charles Ricketts and Charles Haslewood Shannon, who designed artwork for Oscar Wilde's books and plays, and Violet Oakley and Edith Emerson, award-winning artists and prominent Philadelphia educators. Drawn from collections of the both the Rosenbach and the Free Library, the creations on display include objects of beauty--including illustrated books, etchings, and fine silver--and articles of knowledge, figured in maps, zoological prints, and political documents.



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2008-2010 Delancey Pl. Philadelphia, PA 19103