Cooking With The Calamari Sisters: Mangia Italiano!

Hilarity, failed dishes, and food fights ensue during this "live "broadcast" of a public access cable cooking show hosted by two larger-than-life Italian sisters, Delphine and Carmela Calamari. The sisters sing and dance their way through preparing four courses of Italian cuisine with such beloved Italian favorites as 'Volare,' 'Come On A My House,' 'Botcha Me,' 'Que Sera Sera,' 'That's Amore,' and of course, 'Mambo Italiano!' This particular episode of 'Mangia Italiano' is definitely out of the ordinary because it is Carmela's last day on the show. With a little help in the kitchen from audience members, the sisters fill 90 minutes with hysterical family anecdotes and musical numbers as they try to make it through their final broadcast together in one piece.



$30; $15 students