Career growth

'I have many opportunities to learn and grow'

Chariot Solutions

For a crew of software developers, Chariot's employees were notably un-Dilbert-like in their answers to our survey questions. Credit the company's "extra 10 percent" policy, under which workers are free to spend 10 percent of their work time indulging their inner geek on open-source projects such as Ruby on Rails and Groovy and Grails.

Alternatively, they can attend, or even devise, the tech conference of their choice - "anything they're passionate about," said Mike Rappaport, CEO of the Fort Washington company, which has 50 employees. Last year, 15 of them organized a weeklong iPhone app teach-in on-site.

What employees said:

"I love my job because it never gets stale. Learning new things is built in."

"The opportunities for advancement and enrichment are endless."

"We get to do new things every day and work with the latest technology."

"There is frequent in-house training and good access to the latest literature."


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