In his view, he's just one of 900 employees

The 30,674 employees in the Philadelphia area who participated in this year's survey were asked to rate their company's chief executive officer in response to this prompt: "I have confidence in the leader of this organization."

The bosses with the highest scores among large, medium and small companies are our winners.

Jeff Kaliner, cofounder and CEO, Power Home Remodeling Group.

Jeff Kaliner, cofounder and CEO, Power Home Remodeling Group

Top leader, midsize companies

This is the second consecutive year that Kaliner's employees have ranked him the top leader for midsize companies. Last year, his firm employed about 250 workers in the Philadelphia area. That is now up to nearly 400, with roughly 500 additional employees at satellite locations in the Mid-Atlantic. The company is based in Chester.

Tee tattler: Among other questions, our survey asked workers, "What does the leader of this organization do well?" One of Kaliner's employees wrote, "Everything except golf."

Leadership motto: "I believe in leading by example. I know that's overused, but I don't view myself as being any different. I'm one employee of 900, and really that's the truth."

What employees said: "He motivates us very well and gives us great incentives to do our best work."