The big question: Who gets the Eagles tickets?

To wrap up the CEO roundtable discussion, we asked the participants whether there were any questions that we hadn't asked, but should have. Jeff Kaliner, from the Power Home Remodeling Group, posed one that led to a surprising exchange among the three top bosses:

Jeff Kaliner: Who do you give your Eagles tickets to? How do you pick? Is that a good question?

Bill McNabb, Vanguard: You know, the Eagles are the one sports team we don't have tickets to. We have tons of baseball, tons of hockey, tons of basketball. I don't know why we don't have Eagles tickets. I think it's because it's eight games. You know, with the Phillies -

Kaliner: You can touch a lot of employees.

McNabb: When we first got sports tickets - like I'm going back 15 years - it was, well, we thought we'd be taking institutional clients to games, that sort of thing. Now they're always given out to people who've done great things. I get a very small stack, because I have a small department.

But it's really fun to give them out when somebody does something great. I had somebody, somebody in our travel department, killed themselves because I had flights cancel during one of these storms. He was working nonstop, and I sent him some Sixers tickets. And you know, it just goes a huge way.

Tom Spann, Accolade:

With this many people, you don't have 100 percent sports fans. Do you throw out orchestra tickets or Pops tickets or anything like that?

McNabb: Orchestra, Pops, People's Light - I'm a big fan of People's Light - movie tickets.

And we don't do this as well as we should. You know, you were saying people beat you up for not celebrating enough sometimes? It's the same here. We're moving so fast, so aggressively, that sometimes it's kind of like, "OK, that was great, thank you." And then you move on.

Remembering, "Hey, that really was special," and giving some tickets out or giving somebody a little bit of recognition, we're trying to infuse that even more deeply into the culture.