'The workplace is almost like a family setting'

Workers love the atmosphere and opportunities they have at the region's small employers - those with fewer than 150 on the local payroll. Here's a sampling of anonymous comments from people at the top small workplaces in the Philadelphia region.

Energy Plus Holdings L.L.C., Philadelphia

 Everyone has a positive attitude here, and I believe everyone is genuinely happy to come to and be at work. Senior management knows everyone by name, and enough about you to have conversation, not just the awkward hello on the elevator or by the watercooler.

I am doing everything I've always dreamed of doing. I enjoy the projects assigned and working with my coworkers.

I like my coworkers and can spend most of my time doing what I do best.

Accolade Inc., Plymouth Meeting

 Accolade has a unique culture with sincere interaction with employees, generous amenities (lunches, snacks, coffee, etc.), and allows personal and professional growth within the company. Accolade recently changed its name from L.L.C. to Inc. but definitely has not become a stuffy corporation – you feel like part of a family.

I am truly valued as an employee, and I am able to contribute to the company on any level and be heard for my ideas and skills.

I can be myself while I help people.

Charon Planning Corp., Warrington

 I am treated as a professional. I feel my opinion matters and am respected in my position. My contributions to the team and organization are recognized and appreciated. I appreciate the opportunities given to me and the feedback I have received to improve my ability to perform the duties of my position.

It provided me the freedom to balance work and family obligations. My immediate supervisor and top management are genuinely concerned about their employees and their well-being.

North Highland Co., Radnor

 I am free to contribute and add value without being micromanaged.

We really want to have a positive impact on the community and go about this in very engaging volunteer efforts.

I love my job because: I get to work with a great variety of smart and creative people doing important work with a special group of clients.

When my son was born, North Highland worked with me to set up a modified schedule allowing me to be home with my son while my wife was working.

Jones Lang LaSalle, Philadelphia

 Every day is different, challenging and rewarding.

I am an integral part of the company's growth, and my senior people encourage and support this initiative.

I'm free to be as entrepreneurial as I want.

The Graham Co., Philadelphia

Every day I feel valued and am told the same.

I enjoy coming to work here every day. My fellow employees are my friends as well as my colleagues. I enjoy being in the trenches with them and obtaining great results for our clients.

ECBM L.P., West Conshohocken

I get the opportunity to meet and greet employees and guests.

Everyone is open to questions and takes time to explain.

I really love the career I have chosen.

Delaware County Janitorial and Fire Restoration, Glenolden

I am given the creative freedom to be able to expand myself.

I love interacting with people.

The workplace is almost like a family setting. There is also a large amount of growth at the company for the last few years, providing for opportunities and advancement.

Devine Bros. Inc., King of Prussia

I love the work and the business.