‘The organization operates by strong values and ethics’

Weston Solutions Inc.

 "Candor" and "integrity" aren't just words on an inspirational poster at this West Chester engineering firm.


"I've seen organizations where they put these ethics on the wall," said Weston CEO Patrick McCann. "We spend a lot of time unpacking them in small groups. I think they become real when you pull them apart and talk about what they mean in specific behaviors."

"Candor" might translate to coming clean when you goof - as when one Weston engineer noticed that hundreds of welds on a project had not been ordered to the right specification. He alerted the client and called for every weld to be reinspected. "We recognize people for that," McCann said. "We try to make them heroes."

Ethical conduct is also part of employees' performance reviews.

Weston specializes in environmental-engineering work, including temporary flood-protection pumps for the city of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. "We do a lot of high-profile projects," McCann said. "People have to trust us a lot."

What employees said:

 "I love my job because my coworkers have integrity."

"I work with other dedicated employees who share the same core values."

"In the work that I do, I get to make a difference."