Sunday, October 4, 2015


‘My benefits package is good compared with others in this industry’

Amy Raudenbush / Philadelphia Daily News

The Graham Co.

 The benefits package at the Graham Co., an insurance brokerage in Center City, reminds us of our Great Aunt Alice, except that it doesn't pinch cheeks.

"If somebody gets married, we give them a nice check," said Lucille Carey, vice president of operations and human resources.

Two administrative assistants at the firm are coming up on their 25th year of service. "We're having a cocktail party for them, and we have a check for them, too."

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    That is on top of free health coverage under a premium PPO plan, free dental coverage, profit sharing, generous contributions to employee 401(k)s . . . the list goes on. Yes, the company's health premiums are skyrocketing, as are those of other firms.

    "One year it went up 28 percent; another year it went up 32 percent," Carey said. "We never pass that along to our people."

    What the company gets in return from its 144 Philadelphia-area employees is world-class loyalty. In April, Carey will mark her 37th year there. She started as the receptionist.

    "There's another woman who grew up on the same street as me. She's here 32 years," she said. "A lot of people who work here refer."

    What employees said:

     "We have the best benefit program of any company, anywhere."

    "The cost of medical and dental is very low."

    "I do not need a referral for a specialist."

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