Web Wealth: It's cool to be frugal

The Suddenly Frugal blog trumpets such important events as National Regifting Day.

Tough times demand tough tactics. Could you ask the pet sitter for a break on the bill? Where do you fit on the tightwad-spendthrift scale? Is the dollar store looking pricey? It's cool to be frugal, according to these sites.

Frugal hacks. A "hack" in this case is a trick or a shortcut or a way of doing something smarter or better. Frugal hacks are tips on deals, hints for getting the most out of stores that honor coupons ("Do you CVS?" asks a poll), and guides to Web sites offering free shipping. There's even a discussion on whether it was wrong for the reader to ask for - and get - a discount from the pet sitter. How low can you go?


Tightwad, me? An article from Knowledge@Wharton, at the University of Pennsylvania's business school, asserts that "Men are bigger tightwads than women; younger people are more likely to be spendthrifts than older people; and the more educated a person is, the more likely he or she is to be a tightwad." Follow a link to the "spendthrift-tightwad scale," to see where you fit.


Frugal life. It isn't easy being cheap. But when saving money becomes a priority, there are plenty of ways to do it. Fix your own car. Install a corn-burning stove. Hold a garage sale. Nobody's saying a recession is supposed to be fun. Make sure of it at this site.


Dollar store. This blog post says you know you're cheap when you hold an internal debate over dollar-store purchases. Look for the link to "recession-proof your marriage," a list of articles on money management and communication. Neglect this, and you'll be looking for ways to recession-proof your divorce.


Suddenly frugal. We checked in here before the holidays only to discover it was National Regifting Day, which warmed our cheap heart, but did not play well among the loved ones at home.


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