More PATCO delays amid construction

PATCO said signal problems were affecting its trains over the Benjamin Franklin Bridge this morning, and commuters could see delays. (File photo)

PATCO rail commuters got another dose of delays and crowding on Friday evening rush-hour trains, as construction work and a broken-down train hampered service.

It was the first rush-hour of PATCO's newly revised construction schedule, which will continue through Memorial Day on Fridays after the morning rush and all day on Saturdays and Sundays.

An eastbound train was taken out of service at the 15th-16th and Locust station, after passengers and crew heard a loud bang.

There were also reports of smoke, and Philadelphia firefighters quickly arrived, but PATCO president John Hanson said later there had been no fire or smoke. He said the train was taken out of service as a precaution.

Hanson and other PATCO officials and police were on Center City platforms to keep order and help herd passengers onto the trains.

The delays began subsiding about 5:30 p.m.