Just as it has before for fans of Netflix and Pandora, Comcast's Xfinity X1 TV platform is now putting out a welcome sign for fans of YouTube and CBS Fantasy Sports.

Seemingly designed to lure back younger entertainment and sports fans who more often take in their favorite content on portable computers and phones, while also broadening its content options for mainstream pay TV viewers, Comcast and (YouTube parent) Google announced Tuesday the nationwide launch of YouTube on Xfinity X1. This move comes just a week after X1 integrated the CBS Sports' Fantasy Sports app which allows viewers to simultaneously watch, in split-screen fashion, the Eagles (or whoever) play while they're also tracking stats and the success of their custom fantasy team.

Better still, specific artists, shows, and subjects in the world of free YouTube videos will be accessible by voice command on the X1 remote — just by uttering the magic words "Taylor Swift" or "Bruno Mars," or maybe "Find live streams from Coachella," "YouTube, show me makeup tutorials" or "Find party dip recipes on YouTube."

"Giving our customers seamless access to live, on-demand, and internet content in one place continues to be a key part of our strategy and we are excited to now add YouTube to the X1 experience," said Matt Strauss, executive vice president, Xfinity services, Comcast Cable. "We are taking our role as the aggregator of aggregators to a new level and reaffirming that X1 is the best place to easily discover and access all types of entertainment with the sound of your voice."

With some limitations, that is. Uttering the name "Taylor Swift" when the  X1 home page is up (or a show is playing) might then offer users a bunch of options for seeing her on YouTube, Netflix, broadcast TV, and pay channels or just hearing her singing on the Pandora streaming music service. But after viewers then opt for one of the "apps" and exit to its dedicated site, subsequent searches will have to be done manually, scrolling through lists or typing text requests.