Survey: Small-biz employees prefer perks over pay raise

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Small-business employees prefer perks over more money, a SCORE study says.

If you are a small business and want to have a better chance attracting employees, pile on the perks.

A study shows privileges including free gym memberships and snacks, flexible hours, and more vacation time are preferred over a pay raise by four in five small-business employees.

SCORE, the Virginia-based network of volunteer business experts with 300 chapters nationwide, cited a study by Fractl of 2,000 employees.

The study found that perks impacted employee satisfaction in three primary areas: quality of life, feeling valued, and improving physical and mental health.

Nevertheless, 42 percent of full-time employees reported having no extra compensation.

Of those with benefits, the most common were flexible working hours (32 percent), professional development (28 percent), fitness/health (19 percent), food/snacks (19 percent), and working from home (14 percent).

Of course, free snacks don’t help an employee build 401(k) investments. Then again, many small businesses can’t afford such retirement-oriented benefits.

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What are the perks?

Here's what Fractl found were the most popular perks and the percentage of employees swayed by them in choosing a job:

  • Flexible hours, 88 percent.
  • More vacation time, 80 percent.
  • Work-from-home options, 80 percent.
  • Student-loan assistance, 48 percent.
  • Paid maternity/paternity leave, 42 percent.
  • Free gym membership, 39 percent.
  • Free snacks, 32 percent.
  • Weekly free outings, 24 percent.