Saturday, March 28, 2015

Small Business

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Startup Myavana’s vision is to become the tech hub of the market with a real-time pulse on consumers and businesses.
Jim Drucker is living proof that a man not only can learn to appreciate some nagging from his wife, but also build a thriving, innovative company as a result of it.
Three years ago, Shelly Fisher's medical-identification-bracelets company in West Conshohocken, Hope Paige Designs L.L.C., had just started to hit its stride.
To inspire would-be entrepreneurs among the student body, Temple University on Friday officially will open Blackstone LaunchPad, an on-campus center at the Howard Gittis Student Center, 13th Street and Montgomery Avenue.
Talking Small Biz: They sell IT expertise to make small- and mid-size businesses run smarter and more efficiently.
The Midtown Village adult sex-toy boutique touts body-safe products and sex-education workshops.
The Street: Ambler's Lauren Lerner was working a desk job and selling secondhand designer clothes on the side. 'On my third anniversary at PricewaterhouseCoopers, I knew my true calling and resigned from my position. I realized I was so busy doing my side business that I knew I could do it full time.'
This, surely, is a concept to blow your mind: Main Line women wearing consignment-shop clothing and footwear, and carrying previously owned handbags.
To gain more visibility and space, Bernie Robbins Jewelers will relocate two of its four stores later this year - those in Newtown and St. Davids.
Out to help improve the beer-drinking experience, the Philadelphia life-sciences company Invisible Sentinel Inc. has entered into partnerships with four brewing companies for final validation of its Veriflow brewPAL.
The Street: Despite recent horrific crashes, flying is safe. Very safe. As long as it is on a carrier that meets US and Western European standards. Which not all of them do.
The Street: The times, they are a-changin' for marijuana, as longtime prohibition laws risk going up in flames.
U.S. flight regulations make it less likely that a single jetliner pilot could barricade himself or herself inside the cockpit as French prosecutors say the Germanwings copilot did before crashing his airliner into the French Alps, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology aviation analyst said Thursday.
NEW YORK (AP) - It was a tempest in a coffee cup.
GOBankingRates: According to the Tax Policy Center, 77 percent of U.S. households faced a tax increase as a result of a budget deal passed in 2013. This increase means the temptation to treat certain items as non-taxable income on a tax return is higher than before.
Best Buy is laying off 500 full-time and 1,000 part-time employees in Canada as it consolidates operations.
NEW YORK (AP) - From an office by the Brooklyn Bridge, a specialized team of investigators tackles a fast-growing concern in the nation's biggest city: apartments being rented like hotel rooms.
SEPTA said the ad campaign will run on 84 buses for four weeks.
Peco filed a $190 million electric-rate increase request Friday, its first in five years, which it says would increase a residential customer's bill 6 percent.
The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission gave Darnell Fassett of Philadelphia an expensive lesson Thursday: When it comes to theft of gas service, there is no mercy rule.