Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Small Business

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Weather disappointments inspired a prediction app of his own.
How many times have you cursed the weather as it spoiled a vacation, wedding, or freshly waxed car?
Alex and Eirini Kalafatides had just spent nearly two hours explaining the allure of doormats - aesthetically and as a business investment - when awkwardness struck.
It is in the truest sense a family recipe, baked from ingredients of time, trial, and togetherness. Four generations. One business. One location.
Two "less-than-Prince Charmings" made a kit to get you off the couch.
The mission statement of KrazyVibes L.L.C. sets three goals: Create a better life experience; inspire love and caring for all things; and make a positive difference in everyone's life.
Upside Down Classroom, Las Vegas. With working laptops on all desks, ESG placed a portion of a classroom upside down and hung it over a booth for an education trade show. The message: that its client saw the classroom from a different point of view.
ESG helps its clients leave lasting impressions.
Remember when the business conference and other manner of corporate gathering were going to be supplanted by virtual experiences such as the webinar? It was post-Sept. 11, when the public was skittish about travel and the economy had gone into a slide, forcing companies to scale back on events spending.
April Nett, 27, co-owner with Elysa DiMauro of Menagerie Coffee on Third Street, wasn't born when Ruth Isaac opened Old City Coffee in 1985. Now, part of the industry's "third wave," Nett competes with Isaac.
As a coffee devotee, I was eager to write about the 30-year survival strategy of Philadelphia stalwart Old City Coffee.
When Shawn Blackburn started writing computer code as an eighth grader in Minnesota, his goal was to create a hockey game, which he never finished.
Biking as a corporate team-building exercise.
'How are your tires?" It might be one of the oddest pickup lines ever. But it launched a love match 21 years ago that also led to an entrepreneurial partnership balanced on two wheels.
Though still separated by a parking lot, the Flyers and Phillies got a bit closer digitally on Tuesday.
SEPTA papal passes weren't quite the hot ticket this week that they were last month. By the close of its Monday online lottery for Regional Rail passes for Pope Francis' visit in September, SEPTA received requests for 328,045 passes, leaving more than 20,000 unsold.
By Sruthi Ramakrishnan (Reuters) - Kellogg Co's Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies are set to turn all-natural soon. The 109-year old company, whose cereals...
In an effort to expand its reach, Macy's Inc. announced Monday that it will begin same-day, online delivery later this month to nine new markets, including Philadelphia.
WASHINGTON (AP) - Comcast is speeding up and expanding a discounted Internet service that was created to get more low-income people online.
YOUR PERSONAL financial information can't be completely protected. With the already immeasurable list of data breaches that seems to grow longer by the day, maybe we should be praying not for protection but for better interventions. Witness the recent news involving the Federal Trade Commission and LifeLock Inc., one of the leading companies in the identity-theft-protection business.
In the Region St. Mary Medical joins CHOP St. Mary Medical Center, in Langhorne, has joined the network of hospitals where Children's Hospital of Philadelphia...
NEW YORK - U.S. stocks fell for a third straight day Tuesday as investors assessed some disappointing earnings reports.
NBC Sports expects to sell more than $1.1 billion in TV and digital advertising for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, with a top NBC executive saying this week that ad sales are "pacing very similarly" to the record-setting London Games in 2012.
Another insurer of taxicabs in the Philadelphia region is in financial trouble, threatening for the second time in less than a year the ability of some taxi owners to insure their cabs and of accident victims to collect for their medical bills.
If you are a food truck operator and want to be considered for inclusion in feeding the crowds expected to descend on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway Sept. 26 and 27 for the World Meeting of Families festivities and the Mass celebrated by Pope Francis, credential applications are due Wednesday, according to FoodFellas, L.L.C. FoodFellas is the exclusive provider for food-truck service management for the weekend event, expected to be attended by 1.5 million people.