When Tim Duffield and his wife Ann were house hunting in 2004, they were looking for a change.

"We were giving up the suburban life and wanted a Center City experience," he said.

They found a corner unit condo on North 13th Street within walking distance to Reading Terminal Market.

"We were immediately drawn to the home," he said. "Despite being in the thick of the city, the loft has a wonderful sense of space and light."

Today, their 11 windows overlook the burgeoning Viaduct Rail Park and offer views of City Hall and William Penn.

"The park is no longer just the twinkle in someone's eye," Duffield said. "We have been watching real progress as they clean up the area, start creating access points and prepare for the first planting."

The couple has watched their neighborhood – now known among realtors as the Loft District – evolve.

"When we first moved in it was early days for the Loft District as a desirable residential neighborhood," he said. "The changes that have been wrought in the past 13 years have been remarkable."

Their 1,678-square-foot condo has also evolved. Duffield said their first priority was quieting the noise of an old building in a busy part of town. They spent more than $35,000 on a noise abatement system in the floors, ceiling and party walls.

"The loft is now a quiet enclave where we are not disturbed by neighbors – and they aren't by us," he said.

They also remodeled the kitchen and the bathroom and installed new hardwood floors and lighting throughout. The one-bedroom unit also features a new heating and cooling system.

Duffield said the couple is ready for another change, and has recently listed the unit for sale.

"We are going to be sad to leave," Duffield said. "We love our loft."

The Duffields have a second home in the Utah desert, and with Ann's retirement imminent, it's the right time for the couple to sell.

"Both homes are up for sale and a new chapter in our lives will start."

The home is currently listed for $540,000 with Michael Sivel.