Monday, November 30, 2015

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It was not, David Yeager readily acknowledged, your typical urban high-rise-apartment construction project. But Yeager, founder of Radnor Property Group in Wayne, had never partnered on a project with a church - in this case, the Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral.
One in a continuing series spotlighting real estate markets in the region's communities. We have been down this road before, in a sense.
From the glass-half-full department of residential real estate, here is a summary of the things the experts believe are blocking a full housing recovery nationwide.
Old-timers who grew up near the legendary intersection of Kensington and Allegheny still refer to the architectural gem on G Street as "the Mansion."
Developers are hoping to build a five-story apartment building with a ground-floor restaurant on a vacant, triangular property at the intersection of...
If I've learned anything over the last 33 years of homeownership, it's that animals that exist happily outdoors three seasons of the year will try to find a warm space indoors in winter.
Luxury mountaintop getaways often skew one of two ways: soulless new construction or campy timbertown. This Buck Hill Falls gem stands out for avoiding...
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