On the market: Hunker down with these million-dollar monuments to coziness

1711 Sweetbriar Rd., Ottsville, Pa.

It is one thing to be too cold to leave the house. It’s quite another to be so cold you don’t want to leave the warm cocoon of an electric blanket. With most of the East Coast feeling lately as if it’s in permafrost, warm up with these mega properties that somehow manage to make mansions seem downright cozy.

1711 Sweetbriar Rd., Ottsville, Pa.
Monthly taxes: $935
Tell me all about it: For starters, what is cozier or more charming than a Dutch door? We love that this rustic home feels modern but not too austere. The mix of textures and abundant natural light provide a sense that it is easy to get comfortable in this home. A sumptuous master bath with television hookup over the soaking tub will make for deep relaxation.

2103 Street Rd., New Hope, Pa.
Monthly taxes: $1,962
Tell me all about it: This six-bedroom home evokes coziness by way of stone walls and lots of hardwood. Not only is the property replete with exposed timbers and other hand-hewn wood details, but much of it boasts a pedigreed provenance. While the property was rebuilt in 2013, the listing promises that much of the wood — found around windows, underfoot, in the bar, on the walls, and nearly everywhere in the home theater – comes from the original homestead “and pre-dates Christopher Columbus.” Take that, William Penn.

4439 McNeal Rd., Carversville, Pa.
Monthly taxes: $1,177
Tell me all about it: First of all, this is an ivy-covered stone farm. We’d call it cozy curbside appeal except the property sits on 37 acres so there are no curbs in sight. Inside, there are exposed beams and hearths galore. Staircases are tucked behind barn doors. If you want to get really cozy, there is a guest house on the property with a sleeping alcove. Two barns are each ready for their own hygge makeovers. Plus, it’s our firm belief that days these cold require a toddy for the body, and a rustic bar in the main house will do the trick.

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