On the Market: Chestnut Hill home for $2,150,000

This Chestnut Hill home, located at 218 Lynnebrook Lane, is on the market for $2,150,000.

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A historic Chestnut Hill home where a 1980’s Jodie Foster movie was filmed is on the market for $2.1 million.

The 7,000-square-foot home, located at 218 Lynnebrook Lane, was used for one scene in the 1988 film Stealing Home, where Foster starred alongside Mark Harmon. The scene – which was one of many that took place in Chestnut Hill – was filmed in the backyard, where Foster dove to the bottom of the pool to touch the drain.

“The pool is very special,” current homeowner Jeannine Cattie said.

Cattie and her husband, Allison Fleitas, purchased the French-style country home in 1997. They often noticed people coming by to take pictures and overheard a lot of talk about of the film.

“It was something that we would frequently hear about from people who had been there at the house when it was done,” Cattie said. “The previous owner would entertain often and many people got a chance to see it being filmed.”

While the home has some interesting Hollywood history to it, what attracted Cattie and Fleitas most to the property was something else. Designated as “significant” by the Chestnut Hill Historical Society, the property has some unique features that the couple couldn’t pass up.

“I felt it was a one-of-a-kind house and that we didn't need to aggressively decorate because the house itself has such natural beauty,” Cattie said.

Some of the original features that impressed the couple were the high ceilings, concrete floors with inlaid brass, tall casement windows, and stone walls. The six bedroom, five-and-a-half bath home was built in 1935 by Wiling, Sims & Talbutt, a prominent architectural firm at the time. Cattie and Fleitas say much of the home had not been updated since then.

Also included with the property is a separate guest apartment and five-car garage.

In their 14 years of living in the home, the couple completed many renovations and upgrades, while at the same time made it a priority to preserve some of the original features.

“We had to walk a fine line between wanting to modernize the house without taking away its natural beauty,” Cattie said. “In the pantry for example, we kept the high wooden cabinets and counters while laying a new tile floor and installing stainless steel appliances. I think we reached a good balance.”

Other major renovations include an expanded kitchen and addition of a restaurant stove, hardwood floors on the second floor, restored walls and new crown moldings in the living room and dining room, and a complete renovation of all bathrooms.

But perhaps the most extensive project they undertook was the renovation of the famous pool.

“We completely gutted the pool with new pipes, drains and filtration plant,” Fleitas said. “We laid expansive stonework around the perimeter and extended it back to the retaining wall.”

The outdoor area, which has a canopied terrace, stretches three-and-a-half acres on three seperate tiers. Because Lynnebrook Lane is not a through street, the couple says the area is very quiet and peaceful.

“When you stand out back you have a wonderful sense of privacy with a lot of space,” Fleitas said. “You don’t really see much of the houses around you. It’s wonderful serenity.”

Although Cattie and Fleitas enjoyed making this their dream home for over a decade, they have put it on the market so that they could move to Rhode Island to be closer to their daughter, who is attending boarding school there.

“We had wonderful family times in this house and great memories,” Fleitas said. “I can't think of a house that lends itself more to entertaining.”

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