Saturday, September 20, 2014
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Injured in bus crash, feeling ripped off by lawyer

DEAR HARRY: We have a major problem with a lawyer. Our car was hit by a bus and I was hurt badly in my leg and hip. A neighbor recommended a lawyer who gave us an agreement to pay him 40 percent of any settlement. He took his 40 percent and then another $3,500 for a SEPTA medical report that SEPTA says it did not charge for. Isn't there some kind of "watchdog" over lawyers in these cases? I only got $5,500 out of the settlement of $15,000. I am still taking pain medicine that I have to pay for. I think this lawyer is a thief, and I am not the only person he ripped off. Please help me, Harry. I really need that $3,500.

WHAT HARRY SAYS: If there is nothing else involved in that $3,500 charge, then I fully agree that this toad is ripping people off. Fortunately, there is a watchdog group known as the Philadelphia Bar Association. They have a Fee Disputes Committee that does very good work. They are wary of members who rip off clients and tarnish the image of the profession. I was a member of that group for a number of years, and I never saw a decision that was biased in favor of the lawyer. It often appeared that any bias was in favor of the client. Do contact the Bar Association at 215-238-6300. Good luck!


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