Friday, September 19, 2014
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Dave Ramsey: In an attempt to improve my bad credit I recently bought a new car which I financed at 17.9 percent for 72 months. If I make the minimum payment of $468 a month, I'll end up paying about $13,000 in interest alone. Is there a formula I can use to avoid paying all this interest?
Michelle Singletary: When people talk about retirement, it's often in the context of how much money they have to save for their senior years. But what's often not emphasized enough is the importance of your family balance sheet.
The Street: When Mark Greutman along with his wife, Lauren, borrowed $10,000 from his parents ten years ago, they felt guilty, because the newlyweds were unsure if they could pay the money back.
Erin Arvedlund: If you are unhappy with fees charged by active money managers, stop paying them. Low-cost index funds track the stock market, say Mitch Tuchman and Charley Ellis at ReBalance IRA.
The Street: Consumers are still saving too little despite watching their lifestyles change during the recession and having only meager savings for emergencies. Nearly one in four people would run out of money in 30 days.
The Street: CouponCodesPro, a coupon site for consumers, polled 3,567 drivers and found that 88% admitted having at least some money sitting in their vehicles- more than is carried on a daily basis by nearly half of Americans.
The Street: Yesterday the Senate blocked a vote on the Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinance Act, which would have let people with lingering student loans refinance them at the same rates offered to new borrowers.
NEW YORK (MainStreet) — It used to be enough to proclaim a goal of being a millionaire by age 40. Now that seems to indicate&hellip...
NEW YORK (AP) - Moody's Investors Services maintained its rating on United Kingdom government-backed bonds Friday, a day after voters in Scotland decided against national independence.
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) - The 3-D printing boom is about to invade space.
NEW YORK (AP) - Fitch Ratings says that the U.S. still deserves its highest credit rating.
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Yahoo is making amends for years of blundering with one smart move: an early investment in Alibaba Group that has turned into a multibillion-dollar boon.
EDINBURGH, Scotland (AP) - Following a long night that brought floods of relief for some and bitter disappointment for others, Scotland awoke with a hangover Friday after voting to reject independence.
ATHENS, Greece (AP) - Greece's finance minister said Friday that his country will not seek additional rescue funds from other eurozone countries after bailout loans are completed this year, despite concerns from rescue lenders that an early general election could unravel years of painful cost-cutting reforms.
The California State Teachers' Retirement System says it plans to increase its investments in clean energy and technology to $3.7 billion, from $1.4 billion, over the next five years.
NEW YORK (AP) - Exxon Mobil said Friday that it will wind down a drilling project in Russia in compliance with U.S. sanctions, but said it received a license to keep working beyond the sanctions' deadline in order to complete the work.
The Street: In 2012, Mitt Romney famously revealed an IRA worth somewhere between $21 to $102 million. The pundits and politicians wailed. But retirement account millionaires don’t always fit the stereotype of business tycoons in handmade Brioni suits.

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