Thursday, November 26, 2015

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The woman at the SS office was not exactly helpful.
Goldfinger may have expected Mr. Bond to die, and many Americans see that as reason enough to warrant life insurance. However, 007 has no family or dependents that depend on his earnings, while parents and breadwinners like Homer Simpson and Phil Dunphy are the ones most in need of life insurance.
Reader’s dad always said he could be really happy if he could earn a little extra money.
Are you a teacher or do you know a teacher? Educators can learn about money and personal finance at the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank's special courses specifically aimed at helping them in the classroom.
Ask Dave: I’ve been trying to get control of my money, and the other day I was looking at your plan. Where does buying a house fit into the Baby Steps?
Reader was told that a day-care center’s enrollment fees may be tax-deductible.
Ask Dave: My wife and I are on Baby Step 3 of your plan. When we have standard car repairs, I want to use the emergency fund. She says that kind of thing isn’t an emergency, and we should just put it off as long as possible while saving up to fix the problem. Who’s right?
Some 80% of companies surveyed by fundraising company America's Charities say they conduct their giving programs in the fall or during the holidays. That's what also makes this pre-holiday season a great time for individuals as well.
WASHINGTON (AP) - A weaker global economy - and a slowdown in China - will likely dampen some of the growth in air travel over the next two decades.
HELSINKI (AP) - Consumer electronics company Bang & Olufsen says it's in talks over a potential takeover bid, sending its shares surging more than 30 percent.
LONDON (AP) - British authorities have fined Barclays 72 million pounds ($108 million) for failing to safeguard against the risk that the bank would be used to facilitate financial crime.
Stocks wobbled on Wednesday and finished little changed before the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. The market was positive for most of the day, but its gains dissipated in the final minutes of trading.
Investing in making your home more energy efficient can help the environment, lower your utility bills and possibly help you fetch a higher sale price.
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Marissa Mayer's nearly four-year attempt to turn around Yahoo needs a turnaround itself, repeating a pattern of futility that has hobbled one of the Internet's best-known companies for the past decade.
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Looking for a holiday present that's a perfect fit, procrastinator-friendly and a constant reminder of your generosity? Consider a gift subscription to one of the abundance of streaming choices that range from mainstream to niche.
GOBankingRates: This holiday season, the average U.S. shopper will spend $805, according to the National Retail Federation. With sky-high prices on gifts, food, decor and more, the holidays can take a big bite out of your savings. Rather than start the new year off on a low, find out how you can trim the fat off your holiday spending. Here are 40 tips for saving money this holiday season from experts.

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