Friday, December 26, 2014

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GOBankingRates: We are from Planet Moneywise and we have much to teach you. Here are some frugal hacks that make sense to us but tend to confuse or even frighten other folks.
DEAR HARRY: I just learned of a nasty situation. My next-door neighbor is being sued by a close family friend who lives nearby. This friend claims that he had tripped on the sidewalk in front of the house and injured his arm and both legs. The "tripping hazard" is a PECO cover plate that is sunken slightly in the sidewalk.
The Street: Catherine Golladay, a vice president in the 401(k) services area at Charles Schwab, has a "New Year's resolution list" of moves Americans should be making to improve their retirement savings campaign.
GOBankingRates: Americans essentially share the same financial goals, which, for the most part, can be boiled down to saving money, paying off debt and retiring comfortably. But with a sea of financial advice out there — as diverse as it is vast, and varying in accuracy — the how;is where most people struggle in reaching those goals.
WASHINGTON (AP) - Average U.S. mortgage rates rose slightly this week but the benchmark 30-year low remained very close to the 19-month low hit last week.
The Street: According to a PwC report from September, cyber hacks are increasing at 66% year-over-year, and cybersecurity investments are responding in kind: IDC is expecting the cybersecurity sector to have a 7% compound annual growth rate through 2017.
The Street: If long-term care insurers have their way, 401(k) withdrawals would maintain their tax-free status when money is used to pay the monthly cost of long-term care insurance or to purchase single premium annuities
Dave Ramsey: I have a friend who is experiencing financial problems. She is between real jobs at the moment and only bringing in about $600 a month. But even when she’s working regularly, she doesn’t budget or manage her money wisely, and she’s always looking for more money. On top of all this, she’s holding out hope for her dream job out of state. She interviewed several months ago, and hasn’t heard anything from the company. What can I do to help her?
MOSCOW (AP) - A massive snowstorm in Moscow on Thursday caused delays to more than 150 flights and brought traffic to a standstill.
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Amid a swell of controversy, backlash, confusion and threats, Sony Pictures broadly released "The Interview" online Wednesday - an unprecedented counterstroke against the hackers who spoiled the Christmas opening of the comedy depicting the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
Stocks closed mostly higher Wednesday, a day after the Dow Jones industrial average closed above 18,000 for the first time. Investors were encouraged by the latest positive news on the U.S. economy. Trading ended early ahead of the Christmas holiday.
NEW YORK (AP) - Stocks that moved substantially or traded heavily Wednesday on the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq Stock Market:
NEW YORK (AP) - Go big and stay home. Anyone who followed that strategy with their mutual funds in 2014 is likely sitting on another year of healthy returns.
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Everyone has a theory about who really hacked Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.
NEW YORK (AP) - If you're looking for signs that the U.S. economy is growing and that the job market is improving, just talk to small business owners.
As anyone who's received a drugstore cologne gift set well knows, even Santa Claus gets it wrong sometimes.
The Street: How's your holiday spending going? Spent a little more than you wish you had? You’re not alone. In fact, it takes some people half the year or more to pay down all their holiday debt. So how are you going to deal with all the money you charged this holiday season without losing your shirt? Want the holiday rush without the new year hangover? It might actual be easier than you think.

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