Monday, August 3, 2015

Labor and Unions

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WASHINGTON (AP) - Verizon workers in nine states could walk off the job as soon as early Sunday if union negotiators don't reach an agreement over benefits with the wireless carrier.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. employers are finding it increasingly difficult to find skilled workers, according to a survey published on Monday, suggesting...
One of the first things I thought about after the U.S. Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal across the country was this: How horrible would it be to finally marry the person you love and then lose your job because the boss found out you’re gay.
Members of the Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia voted Tuesday to ratify a two-year contract with the owners of The Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News.
The Street: Rising wages is one of the signals the Federal Reserve will be looking for before raising interest rates and generally means a healthier economy. It also means a healthier jobs economy: When workers have more choices of where to work, employers must take measures to keep the employees they want, like raising pay.
The Street: Richard Branson's Virgin Management is taking employee benefits to a new level, announcing today a policy allowing up to one year of fully paid leave for new parents, including adoptive parents.
The Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia's tentative agreement with the owners of The Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News, and calls for no increase in health-care costs and the end of unpaid furloughs for Guild members, the union said.
Philadelphia's paid-sick-leave law takes effect Wednesday, and city officials are encouraging workers to make sure their employers know about the new rules.
Members of the largest union representing employees at The Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News, and voted Wednesday evening to authorize strike preparations as ongoing contract negotiations have yielded no breakthroughs.
The Jewish Exponent, the nation's second-oldest continuously published Jewish newspaper, has laid off its local editorial and production staff and is transferring newsroom management to a Baltimore-area communications firm to cut operating costs.
US-MEXICO-FARMS-WIDERIMAGE:Picking strawberries in Mexico for U.S. tables leaves workers asking for more
A Havertown building contractor cited after two workers were injured when they came in contact with power lines, has been cited again by the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
The Gap is in the fight of its life. You remember that TV commercial jingle that entered the American consciousness in the 1970s, right?
A BNSF train pulled out of a terminal in North Dakota's Bakken Shale region last month, hauling 106 tank cars filled with crude oil on a westward journey to a refinery near Ferndale, Wash.
Baby boomers, the generation that brought America cable television, middle-class pot smoking, and the two-car garage, are now bringing the nation the jobs of the future.
Company is cooking up strategies to find better employees.
Crocodile Cafe & Catering's summer menu elicits moans of pleasure at Rockwell Automation near Norristown, especially the Jamaican jerked chicken, soaked for two days in a zesty marinade, Rockwell senior administrative assistant Marisa Pellechio said.
Hi there. Hope you've been enjoying the column as much as I've been enjoying your feedback. Don't even mind being corrected when I get details wrong (honestly, it happens) so long as the conversation stays civil. Lots responded to last week's missive on I
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Treasury Auctions 4-week bills, Aug 4; 3-month, 6-month bills, Aug 3; 1-year bills, Aug 18; 3-year notes, Aug. 11; 10-year notes, Aug. 12; 30-year notes, Aug. 13; 5-year TIPS, Aug. 20; 10-year TIPS, Sept. 17; 30-year TIPS, Oct. 22.
Securities trades recently reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission by officers, directors and principal shareholders of corporations based or having sizable employment in the Philadelphia area. Titles are as reported to the SEC.
Some argue that paying workers more could hurt business and might even cause employers to cut pay or use fewer workers. But this is false.
NLRB Case 20-RC-145340 - Oceanic Time Warner Cable
NLRB Case 03-CA-120636 - Columbia Memorial Hospital
NLRB Case 14-CA-122352 - Keller Construction, Inc.
NLRB Case 02-CA-115871 - 200 East 81st Restaurant Corp. d/b/a Beyoglu
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