Saturday, May 23, 2015

Labor and Unions

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LOS ANGELES (AP) - A spokesman says the companies that employ West Coast dockworkers have approved a proposed contract that restored labor peace to sea ports that had all but stopped moving cargo earlier this year.
LOS ANGELES (AP) - The minimum wage in Los Angeles could increase to $15 an hour by 2020 under a plan given initial approval by the City Council.
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Los Angeles is the latest and biggest city to endorse a hike in the minimum wage, adding to a string of successes for unions and advocates for the poor who have made it a primary objective as American wages stagnate.
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - The head of the largest U.S. trade union federation said Monday that a bad deal is worse than no deal, and he urged Congress not to support fast-track legislation that would let President Barack Obama present Congress with proposed trade agreements that lawmakers can ratify or reject, but not amend.
NEW YORK (AP) - For Shannon Henderson, getting a cold or flu could be the difference between putting food on the table and going hungry.
Lawyers for the Convention Center filed an emergency motion on Friday to vacate a Pennsylvania labor relations hearing examiner's decision to reconsider the ban that keeps union carpenters from working there.
As usual, the mourners, one by one, cast a single red rose into the Delaware River, one rose for each person killed on the job during the last year.
With construction going on around the city and building projects on the rise, six of Philadelphia's building-trades unions settled contracts Thursday designed to make them more marketable in the suburbs.
Wal-Mart has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a December decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to approve a $151 million class-action award to employees in the state for unpaid wages and damages.
Before a crowd of cheering workers, City Council on Thursday voted to bring mandatory sick leave to Philadelphia.
The Street: Free food. Beer carts. Free transportation. Childcare. Is this the best night out you've ever had? Nope. These are just a few of the perks that many well-known tech companies provide for their workers.
The Street: Wal-Mart Stores may be the largest company boosting employee pay above minimum wage, but it certainly isn't the first well-known company to do so - and it won't be the last.
One of Pennsylvania's largest insurers says it has received the Federal Aviation Administration's blessing to begin launching drones, which will putter across the sky to monitor your damaged home or car.
An online dating site for adults seeking sexual trysts has been hacked, potentially compromising the personal information of some of its 64 million members, the company said on Friday.
Nearly a year ago, Rick Forman, chief executive of Forman Mills, was hunched over a toilet in his West Philadelphia store, wiping the bowl and trying to stay focused long enough to clean the bathroom without touching his mouth and jamming the mop handle into the wall.
DENVER (AP) - They're ubiquitous in Asia, swarming the bustling streets of Bangkok, New Delhi and Beijing.
US-SOUTHKOREA-NUTS:Court frees ex-Korean Air executive in 'nut rage' case
Anuj Gupta landed a new job last Friday as general manager of the Reading Terminal Market, and the gig offers equal helpings of his two loves: public service and food.
As you look down from the ninth floor of what is now known as "The Curtis," a canopy of trees hides all but the tower of Independence Hall, just a few feet below the clock.
NEW YORK (AP) - Wal-Mart's push to get its suppliers to give farm animals fewer antibiotics and more room to roam is expected to have a big impact on the food industry, experts say.
The final tally was 104-38 in favor of the union, an affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers.
NLRB Case 07-RD-143870 - Mercy Memorial Health Services, Inc., d/b/a Pine Ridge: A Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
NLRB Case 14-CA-029000 - Brown Shoe Company
NLRB Case 32-RC-145527 - Sensient Natural Ingredients LLC
NLRB Case 06-RC-012276 - Point Park University
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