Monday, December 22, 2014

Labor and Unions

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WASHINGTON (AP) - The Justice Department is now interpreting federal law to explicitly prohibit workplace discrimination against transgender people, according to a memo released Thursday by Attorney General Eric Holder.
WASHINGTON (AP) - The computer files of more than 40,000 federal workers may have been compromised by a cyberattack at federal contractor KeyPoint Government Solutions, the second breach this year at a major firm handling national security background investigations of workers at federal agencies, the government confirmed Thursday.
BRUSSELS (AP) - Hundreds of farmers and trade unionists are protesting in Brussels against negotiations to set up a trans-Atlantic free trade zone, which they fear will leave them out in the cold at the expense of big multinationals.
American Airlines and its pilots union will begin arbitration hearings on March 9, if the two sides do not reach a labor contract before then, the union said in a message on its website.
DETROIT (AP) - United Auto Workers President Dennis Williams says he's not buying the Detroit Three automakers' argument against wage increases for longtime workers.
After wasting millions of dollars on losing Democratic candidates in this month’s midterm elections, the American Federation of Teachers has completely gone off the deep end and banned Coca-Cola and Coke products from its events and facilities.
Heard in the Hall: Mandatory paid sick leave should come to Philadelphia, a task force formed to study the issue recommended in a report released to Mayor Nutter Monday morning.
Come Jan. 1, Philadelphia will add a $500 annual premium to benefits costs for nonunion employees who use tobacco products, and a $15 surcharge for prescriptions filled at pharmacies that sell tobacco products.
Airplane cabin cleaners at Philadelphia International Airport employed by subcontractors rallied outside Terminal B on Wednesday, seeking safer procedures to protect "front line" workers against infectious diseases, including Ebola.
The Street: Companies' health initiatives are certainly worthwhile – up to a point. But then there are the health “risk assessments.” So-called “health fairs” or “biometric screenings” can pry into personal medical histories – and may be illegal.
Negotiators for SEPTA and Regional Rail locomotive engineers reached a tentative agreement, which will avert a possible commuter rail strike if the pact is accepted by the engineers and the SEPTA board.
The governor continues to claim that employers can't find workers willing or able to pass the tests.
Up to 125 workers at Philadelphia International Airport are planning a work stoppage Thursday in protest of what they say are poor wages and working conditions.
It's not that Kathy Davis considers herself a font of positiveness, or an unfailing source of just the right thing to say.
Who's responsible when a delivery goes awry? That's been an issue for some luckless consumers at least since the days when Sears, Roebuck & Co. pioneered mail order a century ago, and likely for clients of the Pony Express before that. Recently, it has gained urgency from the growth of delivery-dependent Internet commerce. One day, it may even be an issue when Amazon's drones target the wrong front stoop for a package drop.
Oil prices recently dropped to five-year lows, and consumers are reaping the benefits when they fill up at the gas pump.
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - Motorists are getting a holiday gift at the pumps in New Jersey.
NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Stan Middleman, 60, of Cherry Hill, N.J., knows he overspends for the holidays, but he doesn't pay his indulgences much mind&hellip...
The Street: We all have our favorite holiday movie, but which are truly the best? And how much did they make at the box office? The answers could surprise you.
The Street: With help from BoxOfficeMojo, we looked back and found 10 examples of films that not only cleaned up on Christmas Day, but helped boost the overall box office take by prying Christmas-minded folks away from their pumpkin pie and presents.
In March, Sean Caldwell, a Mount Airy restaurant worker, told a newspaper reporter about struggling to support his children on the $8 an hour he earned as a part-time maintenance worker at the McDonald's restaurant at Broad Street and Allegheny Avenue in North Philadelphia.
The Street: Want to be an elf at Santa’s Workshop? You’d better believe there’ll be a background check before they let you slip on those tights.
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