Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Labor and Unions

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WASHINGTON (AP) - Union membership in the United States is down slightly, accounting for just over 11 percent of the workforce last year, the Labor Department reported Friday.
Contracts were approved Thursday for two unions representing about 730 SEPTA workers. The contracts, approved by the SEPTA board Thursday following ratification by union members, will provide five-percent pay increases over the 31-month term of the pacts, in line with the pattern established by last year's settlement with the largest of SEPTA's 17 unions, Transport Workers Union Local 234.
Several fired McDonald's employees who say they were subject to rampant racial discrimination and sexual harassment are suing the fast-food chain's corporate parent, which they say controls nearly every aspect of how franchisees operate.
The Street: Want to be an elf at Santa’s Workshop? You’d better believe there’ll be a background check before they let you slip on those tights.
The U.S. economy is on a roll. Real GDP is expanding at a 3% pace, which is producing a prodigious 3 million jobs a year. Unemployment is falling rapidly, at more than a percentage point per year. Zandi sees the economy back to full employment by mid-2016.
The head of a Philadelphia ironworkers union will face a jury alone next month, after three more of his brothers in labor agreed to last-minute plea deals Tuesday, admitting they maintained their local's grip on area construction through violence and sabotage.
Even in Texas, testified business owner Suzanne Lee, Philadelphia's Ironworkers Union Local 401 was reputed to be one group you didn't want to cross.
In March, Sean Caldwell, a Mount Airy restaurant worker, told a newspaper reporter about struggling to support his children on the $8 an hour he earned as a part-time maintenance worker at the McDonald's restaurant at Broad Street and Allegheny Avenue in North Philadelphia.
American Airlines and its pilots union will begin arbitration hearings on March 9, if the two sides do not reach a labor contract before then, the union said in a message on its website.
After wasting millions of dollars on losing Democratic candidates in this month’s midterm elections, the American Federation of Teachers has completely gone off the deep end and banned Coca-Cola and Coke products from its events and facilities.
Heard in the Hall: Mandatory paid sick leave should come to Philadelphia, a task force formed to study the issue recommended in a report released to Mayor Nutter Monday morning.
Come Jan. 1, Philadelphia will add a $500 annual premium to benefits costs for nonunion employees who use tobacco products, and a $15 surcharge for prescriptions filled at pharmacies that sell tobacco products.
Airplane cabin cleaners at Philadelphia International Airport employed by subcontractors rallied outside Terminal B on Wednesday, seeking safer procedures to protect "front line" workers against infectious diseases, including Ebola.
The Street: After Monopoly found local support in Philadelphia, Parker Brothers purchased the rights to the game and sold it in the U.S. and U.K.
NEW YORK (AP) - Want a ride home from car service Uber during the major snowstorm descending on the Northeast on Monday? Expect to pay more than the usual fare.
ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) - Florida's Seminole Indians are renewing their torturous debate about entering Atlantic City's gambling market.
Former U.S. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner David Kessler may testify for the plaintiff in a lawsuit against drugmaker Johnson & Johnson that is being heard in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court.
The Street: The American hunger for meat, especially beef , is abating for the first time in living memory. Now vegetables are claiming more space in an unexpected place: the fast food counter, with White Castle and Chipotle heavily promoting new vegan entrees.
The Street: A RealtyTrac survey of some 473 U.S. counties found that in 68% it is cheaper to buy than to rent. But there is a big exception.
Over the past few years, the five biggest Super Bowl ad buyers account for one out of every three commercials you've seen during the big game. Here's a rundown of the companies we may have seen too much of.
The Street: Verizon doesn't care what some of the other carriers are doing to attract customers. A Verizon official says the company has no plans to offer its customers the ability to bank unused data limits like rivals T-Mobile and AT&T. On Thursday, Fran Shammo, Verizon's chief financial cfficer, rejected the idea , saying, "We're a leader, not a follower."
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) - Joshua Thevenin has been a newspaper salesman, fireworks vendor and tele-marketer in the last month. He's one of the millions of seasonal and temporary workers wondering if the recovery from the Great Recession is actually happening.
NLRB Case 29-CA-093481 - Globe Wholesale Tobacco Distributors Inc. d/b/a Globe Wholesale Co.
NLRB Case 29-CA-138172 - Tekweld Solutions, Inc.
NLRB Case 26-CB-004240 - IBEW Local 429 and its agent Nashville Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC) (El
NLRB Case 20-CA-130613 - Adams & Associates, Inc. and McConnell, Jones Lanier & Murphy, LLP, Joint Employers

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