Friday, September 19, 2014
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Labor and Unions

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PARIS (AP) - Air France pilots are prolonging a walkout that has grounded more than half the airline's flights all week.
Just when Mayor Nutter thought his tiffs with unions were over, a $2.88 million tug-of-war has broken out.
The Street: Each year issues a list of the best and worst jobs, based on information collected from the Department of Labor, ranking them using a range of criteria, and then placing the jobs in four categories, stress, outlook, income, and environment.
The Street: Marriott guests will soon find a new feature in their rooms: a gentle reminder to tip the staff.
The local Carpenters Union has asked the city controller to conduct a "full-scale audit" of Philadelphia's two marketing agencies, which the union contends have "virtually no public oversight of their spending."
The Street: Workers feel like they're getting a raw deal from employers when it comes to the digits appearing on their paychecks. The thing is, they have a point. Raises in 2015 paychecks are expected to barely keep pace with inflation.
The Street: It’s pretty well known that we Americans work longer hours than most of the rest of the world, beating out even traditional heavyweights like Japan and the U.K. for hours worked per year. What’s less well known is that we also work odder hours too.
The Street: Labor Day has come and gone, but every day seems labor intensive for younger career professionals who are given more work and less say on increasingly burdensome workplace schedules.
A South Jersey instructor for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has admitted to selling fraudulent safety certifications to carpenters who didn't complete the required training.
The Street: Your workplace is like a second home and co-workers are like neighbors. With so much time and energy spent at work, why not be somewhere you can truly be happy?
The Street: Getting the boss a cup of coffee is one thing, but mailing a box of dirt? It’s on the list of wackiest requests administrative professionals have received on the job, according to a recent survey by Office Team and the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).
The Street: Can working woman "have it all" in the workplace and home? Maybe not. Many women have given up thinking it's an option. Exhibit "A" for that case is a study from Seattle-based Fierce saying that 70% of U.S. working woman call trying to achieve a satisfying work/life balance "a major cause of stress."
The Street: While the pension is on the endangered species list, it’s not extinct yet. In fact, nearly one quarter of Fortune 500 companies still offer a defined benefit (DB), or pension plan of some sort or another to new hires. That’s down from 60% who did so back in 1998.
The Street: The National Football League has become embroiled in a domestic abuse scandal involving some of the league's best-known players, prompting several sponsors to suspend or re-evaluate their support.
The maker of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer is being sold to Russian company Oasis Beverages for an undisclosed sum.
The Street: Expect corks popping this weekend for shareholders of travel and tourism software provider Concur Technologies after the German heavyweight SAP offered $129 a share for the Bellevue, Wash.-based company.
The Street: GlaxoSmithKline shares are up 0.6% to $47.58 on Friday after China fined the global healthcare company a record $489 million.
The Street: Shares of the star Chinese online retailer began trading at 11:53 a.m. Initially priced at $68 a share, the IPO opened nearly a third higher, rocketing over $99 within the first few minutes.
It's easy to dismiss Apple's new iPhones as merely catching up to Android.
A Philadelphia Orphans' Court judge has appointed a receivership to rehabilitate the neglected 200-acre Mount Moriah Cemetery, which straddles Cobbs Creek in Southwest Philadelphia and Yeadon, Delaware County, according to an order posted Friday.
The Street: Not only do folks not want to burn up gas anymore but, when they have to, they want to put as little cash into it as possible. The folks at Kelley Blue Book understand this and have a list of vehicles trying to tread the fine line between electric efficiency and hybrid pricing.
The U.S. will train at least 50,000 veterans to become solar panel installers in the next six years, the White House said Thursday.
NLRB Case 07-CA-094695 - Dover Energy, Inc., Blackmer Division
NLRB Case 24-CA-105974 - United States Postal Service
NLRB Case 29-CA-100827 - All American School Bus Corp.
NLRB Case 13-RC-127807 - Illinois Central School Bus, LLC

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