Monday, July 6, 2015

Labor and Unions

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LA CROSSE, Wis. (AP) - Wading into presidential politics, President Barack Obama on Thursday promoted his brand of middle-class economics by drawing sharp contrasts with "mean" Republicans in a state whose GOP governor was preparing to enter the vast 2016 presidential field.
WASHINGTON (AP) - Exotic dancers hired as admissions counselors. Recruiters told to seek out "impatient" individuals who have "few people in their lives who care about them." Military personnel still recovering from brain damage told to sign on the dotted line.
WASHINGTON (AP) - The Supreme Court will consider limiting the power of government employee unions to collect fees from non-members in a case that labor officials say could threaten membership and further weaken union clout.
The Newspaper Guild of Greater Philadelphia's tentative agreement with the owners of The Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News, and calls for no increase in health-care costs and the end of unpaid furloughs for Guild members, the union said.
Philadelphia's paid-sick-leave law takes effect Wednesday, and city officials are encouraging workers to make sure their employers know about the new rules.
Members of the largest union representing employees at The Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News, and voted Wednesday evening to authorize strike preparations as ongoing contract negotiations have yielded no breakthroughs.
The Jewish Exponent, the nation's second-oldest continuously published Jewish newspaper, has laid off its local editorial and production staff and is transferring newsroom management to a Baltimore-area communications firm to cut operating costs.
US-MEXICO-FARMS-WIDERIMAGE:Picking strawberries in Mexico for U.S. tables leaves workers asking for more
A Havertown building contractor cited after two workers were injured when they came in contact with power lines, has been cited again by the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
"At Wawa they train you to be happy"
Lawyers for the Convention Center filed an emergency motion on Friday to vacate a Pennsylvania labor relations hearing examiner's decision to reconsider the ban that keeps union carpenters from working there.
As usual, the mourners, one by one, cast a single red rose into the Delaware River, one rose for each person killed on the job during the last year.
EPHRATA, Pa. - Here in the heart of Lancaster County, where the Shell station proudly boasts "We have worms," and the dark rolling earth turns green with corn, soybean, or tobacco crops, the chicken egg is king.
Did a flaw from the tech firm SAP bare government secrets for hackers to steal? Or was it a security company's neglect?
Urban Princess boutique and gift shop in Queen Village overcame a fire that wiped out its inventory more than 2 years ago.
Trying to max out your Social Security retirement benefits? You can crunch the numbers a few ways: online or in person through the Social Security Administration, or by using a financial planner.
Like many Americans, Tina Brunetti worries about climate change and wanted to spend her household's energy budget on a power supplier more mindful of the environment.
After I met Jim Boscov for the first time, he wanted me to lie down. "Try this bed," he said.
Ask Dave: How do cash-back rebates work on electronics and other items?
The racketeering lawsuit filed against the carpenters' union by the Pennsylvania Convention Center is a "public relations stunt dressed as a federal lawsuit," the union said in its motion to dismiss, filed Tuesday.
US-EGYPT-ALJAZEERA:Al Jazeera journalist sues employer for negligence: lawyer
NLRB Case 28-CA-085434 - A.W. Farrell & Son, Inc.
NLRB Case 07-CA-135980 - United States Postal Service
NLRB Case 28-CA-137972 - Synergy One Locating, LLC
NLRB Case 21-CA-038915 - 2 Sisters Food Group, Inc., and Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market, Inc.
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