Friday, March 6, 2015

Labor and Unions

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The National Labor Relations Board's Philadelphia office has agreed to hear complaints filed by Au Bon Pain employees at the Philadelphia International Airport.
SEPTA managers and Regional Rail workers differed sharply Tuesday on the possible safety effects if SEPTA is permitted to avoid requirements of a federal rule designed to limit fatigue.
All is not well at South Jersey's only medical marijuana dispensary, a business outside Atlantic City that has experienced a wave of setbacks.
People from all across Pennsylvania gathered at the state capitol on Monday for a "Raise the Wage PA" rally. The Raise the Wage PA Coalition is lobbying to raise the state's minimum wage to at least $10.10 an hour. What do you think?
The Street: "It wouldn't surprise me if this got worked out in the final contract," said aviation consultant Bob Mann. "I understand that talks are getting close to the end, the stage at which all the outstanding grievances tend to get bundled up and settled.
A MONTHS-LONG labor dispute allegedly kicked into high gear Saturday when about 200 unionized carpenters descended on the Philadelphia Auto Show, officials said.
Members of seven unions that build ships at Aker Philadelphia Shipyard have approved a contract providing a 10 percent raise over four years. The contract took effect Feb. 1 and expires Jan. 31, 2019.
Heard in the Hall: As the Philadelphia mayor’s race gains some momentum, the endorsements are starting to come in.
Joseph Dougherty, one of the city's most powerful labor leaders and an unapologetic enemy of nonunion contractors, was found guilty Tuesday of using arson, intimidation, and violence for years to keep members of his Ironworkers Local 401 in jobs.
The Street: When John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, said that Verizon Wireless and AT&T were “high and mighty duopolists that are raping you for every penny you have - if they could do something nice for you, they would. The f*****s hate you,” all he had to do was make a brief apology on Twitter for going a bit too far with his colorful language. If you tried that during your next business meeting, you would probably be fired.
The 15,000 pilots at American Airlines and US Airways approved a 5-year contract that will provide immediate pay raises of 23 percent and subsequent annual raises of three percent for the next five years.
The Street: Which job is the best? Banker? Lawyer? Doctor? Starting quarterback for the New England Patriots? While it might seem obvious to name jobs that are lucrative, a new report by Glassdoor, an online job review website, ranked the best jobs for 2015 and money is just one factor of many.
The Street: Are American workers "distracted" from productivity through excessive use of the Internet? The website blocking firm surveyed 5,000 workers to show there's a problem.
A witness testifying Wednesday for defense lawyer Nancy Raynor - hit with nearly $1 million in court-imposed sanctions last Oct. 31 because one of her experts offered banned testimony in a medical-malpractice trial - said Raynor had taken steps to ensure that the information was not heard by the jury.
"Comcast does not represent our community, the Universities do not"
How often have you walked past a homeless person, in Philadelphia or elsewhere, and felt a pang of anguish over your inability to help - or do anything at all?
Drivers in Philadelphia soon will be able to pay for parking with their cellphones, under a plan announced Thursday by the Parking Authority.
Empathy - the kind where you try to think your way into understanding how others feel - only gets you so far.
The Bus Stop shoe boutique sells small-label brands you can’t find in department stores. Now it’s launching its first collection.
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Google is helping California drivers shop for car insurance as part of a new service that could foreshadow the Internet company's latest attempt to shake up a long-established industry.
Before a crowd of cheering workers, City Council on Thursday voted to bring mandatory sick leave to Philadelphia.
NLRB Case 21-CA-095151 - Purple Communications
NLRB Case 28-CA-128440 - American Medical Response Ambulance Service, Inc.
NLRB Case 29-CA-114742 - Parkash 751 LLC
NLRB Case 31-RC-133641 - L.R.W. Investment Company

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