Friday, May 29, 2015

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Matilda Kahl had an epiphany after a particularly stressful morning trying to get to a meeting on time.
(TNS) Q: Our office has an outdated cellphone policy that doesn’t address text messaging. It simply says “If an employee receives an important...
The Street: A new report from job search portal has identified the best jobs for women in 2015. While some of the fields identified aren't surprising -- public relations, event planning, and human resources -- others aren't as obvious.
One of the most fascinating aspects of a food business such as Rita's Franchising Co. is the perspective it provides on global tastes, Jeffrey A. Moody, chief executive of Rita's, told me in our Leadership Agenda interview published in Sunday's Philadelphia Inquirer. Start with Rita's starting concept -- water ice.
The Street: It's The Hunger Games of the corporate world. Employees will move between inflatable bunkers on both sides of the field, while trying to hit opponents and targets using bow and arrows.
Fried chicken, steaks, pizza, Subway hoagies, now water ice -- Jeffrey A. Moody's whole career has been in selling food, but the chief executive of Rita's Water Ice's key experience is working with a particularly high-strung group -- the owners of franchises. Tension between franchisees and the company is a given, and managing through it is an essential skill set for someone holding a job like Moody's. "What I love about them is they’re entrepreneurs," Moody told me in our Executive Q&A interview published in Sunday's Philadelphia Inquirer.
Good news for summer job seekers: Jobs should be more plentiful this year and a majority of employers have jobs paying more than $15 per hour, according to a new report.
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