Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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(TNS) Q: There are days when I like my work and look forward to the things I need to do and the people I need to meet with. There are other days when...
Run a nonprofit? Want to sleep at night? The trick, said Diane Menio, leader of a small Philadelphia nonprofit advocacy group, is to establish a line of credit when times are good. It was a lesson she learned the hard way, she told me during our Executive Q&A published in Sunday's Philadelphia Inquirer.
(TNS) Q: Shortly after becoming a department head, I began hearing complaints about my executive assistant. From my perspective, “Gwen”...
Beau Stephenson gets gigs as a voice-over actor in much the same way people order a car on Uber or find a date on Tinder.
Buzzwords: No one’s quite sure where they come from, and if we did, villagers with torches and pitchforks would be on the scene in seconds.
Last week, one of my co-workers handed me my annual performance appraisal and said my boss wanted me to sign it.
Whatever the root causes, obesity and smoking indisputably contribute to disease and add billions of dollars of health care costs nationally — and make it harder to get hired.
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