Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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When Dan Croce landed a job jockeying shopping carts and bagging groceries at the A&P/Super Fresh supermarket near his home in Delaware, he never expected that 31 years later he'd be running one of the region's largest supermarket chains, Acme Markets, he told me during our Executive Q&A published in Sunday's Philadelphia Inquirer.
Most workplaces have a least one — Mr. or Ms. Negativity — the person who consistently looks on the dark side and talks about it a lot.
After years of focusing on Great Recession job losses, increasing economic inequality and a shrinking middle class, lawmakers in many states this year turned to a related front: trying to make life a little easier for Americans struggling to balance work and family obligations.
Can we be held liable if they get sick from a meal that was paid for by the company?
I’m at a turning point in my career and am trying to decide if I should move to a large corporate setting, stay with a smaller firm or take the entrepreneurial path.
Never pass the bread to the left. Never reach over the guy next to you to get the butter.
Sexual harassment is a serious workplace issue.
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