Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Next to online dating profiles, cover letters may just be the scariest things to write. And the stakes are equally high.
Project management training, advice and wise counsel can be found anywhere. Far less is written about leading projects.
The Street: Bad jobs - at least jobs that fit badly no longer need to be suffered. Cut yourself free. It’s better for you and better for the company. Experts are quick to offer positive signs that indeed it may be time.
Discovery Communications topped a list of companies with the largest pay difference between their chief executives and median workers, according to a new study by jobs and recruiting company Glassdoor.
Anthony Stewart of Pittsburgh startup Deco Resources said his company needed a car for business purposes, but only part of the time.
Toughest part of being a top exec? Getting up the confidence to move quickly to fire people when necessary. "You’ve got to do it expeditiously," Cedric Rockamore told me during our executive question and answer interview published in Sunday's Philadelphia Inquirer. Rockamore oversees the work of 6,000 people at the Philadelphia International Airport, where he is in charge of American Airlines operations. "You’ve got to identify the issue and you’ve got to deal with it quickly.
Cedric Rockamore has done it so often that he takes it for granted -- the view from the air traffic control tower that helps American Airlines monitor its huge footprint at the Philadelphia International Airport. Below are the sweep of planes, the runways, the bustling trucks and baggage vehicles moving like toys. Rockamore, an American Airlines vice president and the man in charge of American Airlines operations at the airport, described his kingdom during our executive question and answer interview published in Sunday's Inquirer.
If your job involves hiring, you know how frustrating it can be staring at all those resumes. Which claims are real, which are exaggerations and which are just flat-out lies?
Do you want to live in a world where leaders call people “losers,” “stupid” or other derogatory names?
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