Saturday, July 4, 2015


Emily Bittenbender should be thanking her lucky stars that she couldn't manage to sew, because otherwise, she might have joined the ranks of hundreds of other frustrated, would-be fashion designers with lots of great ideas, but no work. Instead, she runs a general contracting construction company and her name is all over premium projects around the city. How did that happen? Like most stories, it was a combination of ability, luck and being in the right place at the right time.
Masseuse Nichole Kucharek, 36, of Macungie, worked at Bear Creek Mountain Resort's spa. She and her coworkers wanted better training.
(Adds details, analyst comments, updates markets) * Nonfarm payrolls rise 223,000 in June, below expectations * Jobless rate falls to 5.3 percent as...
Chief executives of the country’s largest firms made 303 times more than a “typical” worker in 2014, according to a report from the Economic Policy Institute, a left-leaning think tank.
What's not to like about June's 223,000 jobs bump in the nation's payrolls and an unemployment rate that declined to 5.3 percent - the lowest since April 2008?
Perfecseal following taxpayer dollars to Wisconsin
Being in the construction business requires an incredible tolerance for risk, Emily Bittenbender, founder of Bittenbender Construction LP, told me in our Executive Q& A interview. "Everything is on the line," she said. She sold one house to start the business and her current house is on the line in her current business dealings. "If I go bad on a job, they’re going to come get it all. So I live one moment at a time."
The hottest trend in office furniture is standing desks because sitting is believed to be unhealthy — “the new smoking.” That’s created yet another wave of products for people who like the idea of standing but aren’t necessarily committed to it.
Late one night last weekend we got one of those phone calls you hate: A credit card had been used to buy hundreds of dollars of electronics in a distant city.
(TNS) Q: For six years, I worked in a small law office with a woman who clearly did not like me at all. “Gladys” was the attorney’s...
(TNS) Jerks at work don’t just get under your skin, they damage your job performance and ultimately hurt the bottom line. Gretchen Spreitzer...
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