N.J. Sierra Club applauds Merck facilities consolidation

We'll end the week by noting, albeit belatedly, that there are moments of peace and harmony between corporations and environmental groups.

Yes, it's just one piece.

Yes, pharmaceutical companies have, on occasion, been criticized for the run off of chemicals from their plants.

Yes, Merck employees whose daily life will be altered in a bad way might not run out to hug a tree.


The Sierra Club of New Jersey applauded Merck's recent announcement that it planned to close its current headquarters building in Whitehouse Station and distribute those employees to several existing facilities in New Jersey.

"The New Jersey Sierra Club applauds the move by Merck to a site in Summit from their headquarters in Whitehouse Station," club director Jeff Tittel said in a statement. "The Sierra Club was very critical when Merck moved from Rahway out to a rural farm area in the Highlands near Round Valley Reservoir. At the time did a sprawl report that labeled the move one of the worst sprawl projects it being a symbol of what was wrong with New Jersey’s land use policies.

"We are glad Merck decided to move to an area that not only is already developed, livable community, but has a good rail system and is transportation friendly. Now people who work for Merck will have their commute time cut down saving them money and reducing pollution. Moving will also help to make other people who commute on 78 lives better now that Merck is moving. It is good to see New Jersey companies like Merck having common sense unlike Gov. Christie who is promoting sprawl and over development. The Governor is weakening land use protections and promoting sprawl through roll backs in the Water Quality Management Plan and attacks in the Highlands and Pinelands. He has been promoting sprawl projects with funding from public money and is opening environmentally sensitive areas up to development with the State Strategic Plan.

"We see both companies and people moving into already developed areas because they like the lifestyle of being in real communities not being in the middle of nowhere. Back in the 90s companies kept moving further west into rural areas now we see more people and business moving to places like Jersey City and Hoboken or Summit and Morristown. This is a positive trend moving away from sprawl. Now we just need a Governor who gets it to help spear development to the right places like Merck is doing."