Local gasoline prices up more than 7 percent

U.S. gasoline prices are rising with unrest in Iraq - at a time of year when they usually drop.

Local gasoline prices are up 7 percent over last year, and motorists face the most expensive July Fourth at the pump since 2008, according to fuel-price watchers.

AAA and GasBuddy.com attribute the higher fuel prices to international apprehension over unrest in Iraq, which has caused crude-oil prices to increase.

The price in Southeastern Pennsylvania was about $3.79 a gallon, up 26 cents from last year. In South Jersey, where fuel taxes are lower, the average price was $3.55, up 22 cents.

The national average is $3.68 a gallon, up 20 cents over last year. Regional prices vary significantly depending on taxes and local supply constraints.

For prices at stations near you, consult the AAA Fuel Price Finder at www.philly.com/gasprices.