Friday, September 5, 2014
Inquirer Daily News

Pa. issues first tavern gaming license

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board said it awarded the state's first tavern gaming license to a bar in Hanover.

After the bar, Midway Tavern, pays its $2,000 license fee, it will be able to offer daily drawings, charitable raffles, and lottery-like pull-tab games to its customers.

Gov. Corbett planned on 2,000 bars getting the license to reach a tax target of more than $100 million in fiscal 2015. But since the end of January, when applications became available, only 10 bars have applied.

Bar owners have complained that they won't be able to make enough money under the program for it to be worth their while.

At a Senate budget hearing last month, politicians urged changes to the licensing process to make tavern gaming more attractive to business owners. - Harold Brubaker

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