Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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NEW YORK (AP) - Families of at least 97 people killed in crashes caused by defective General Motors ignition switches will get compensated by the automaker.
NEW YORK (AP) - Infomercials that sell shampoos, zit creams and the latest weight loss gadgets can be hard to turn away from. But before you pick up that phone, you should know that the low, low prices and easy monthly payments advertised are not always what you'll pay.
BRUSSELS (AP) - All new vehicles in the European Union will have to be fitted as of 2018 with a system that automatically calls the emergency services in case of an accident.
SPRINGDALE, Ark. (AP) - Tyson Foods says it wants to stop using human antibiotics in its U.S. chicken houses by September 2017 and that it will explore doing the same in its beef, pork and turkey operations.
The ominous letter from the prosecutor's office was addressed to her grandfather, Albert Lachowicz, but it came to Jennifer Paczan because she was handling his finances. Even five years later, the Pennsylvania woman still recalls her reactions: first worried, then confused, and, finally, outraged on his behalf.
You likely know lots of reasons why it's wise to avoid mixing business with pleasure, but here's a simple one: It's tough to smile warmly at friends while holding out coolly for your own interests.
The Apple Watch arrives in stores Friday for preview looks and pre-sale orders. Here's what the fuss is all about, and how to jump the line if you're buying.
As Philadelphia faces its once-in-15-years franchise renewal talks with Comcast, you may be worried that city officials are just a little too cozy with Philly's 1st Corporate Citizen - a reasonable concern after I reported last week that the mayor's office has been sitting on a report likely to embarrass the company.
The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission moved forward Thursday to set controversial rules and limits for "net-metering" customers who generate their own power from sources such as solar cells.
Stepping gingerly into one of the finance industry's longest-running controversies, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said Thursday that it has begun shaping rules to govern payday loans and other small, short-term credit offered at triple-digit interest rates - products that consumer advocates have for years labeled debt traps.
Mayor Nutter says he's just negotiating a business deal as Philadelphia heads into talks with Comcast over a cable-franchise renewal. The city wants the best possible terms from its hometown cable, Internet, and entertainment giant - six public forums are scheduled next week, if you'd like to weigh in.
USA-ECONOMY/SENTIMENT (URGENT):U.S. consumer sentiment rises in April
Pro Publica and NPR looked at lobbying history to explain a mystery: In the age of online forms that can calculate anything, why can't all U.S. taxpayers file online for free?
If it seemed like the subway was packed before and after Sunday's Broad Street Run - it was. SEPTA said Monday that there were 88,510 trips on the Broad Street Line on Sunday, a record for the day of the annual 10-mile race.
National Real Estate Development has closed on a $141 million construction loan with insurer Ullico for an 18-story residential and retail tower at 1100 Market St., part of the company's $500 million East Market project.
The creatures came to take souls. They were hovering very close, in a virtual reality demo - formally called "Into the Further 4D Virtual Reality Experience" - that opened for scary business over the weekend on Second Street near South.
Pennsylvania developers, hugely profitable corporations, colleges, towns, and hospitals have applications pending for $1 billion in matching taxpayer funds from the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP).
The conundrum for Superfit Inc. of Philadelphia is as complicated as love itself: The family-owned company has created a product it wants ring-wearers worldwide to know about, yet it's designed to go unnoticed.
New Jersey could lose close to $100 million from tax incentives that have drawn big businesses to Camden in recent months, according to a report by an advocacy group.
The DIY streaming-video apps Meerkat and Periscope have generated lots of buzz in tech and entertainment land the last few weeks, for reasons good and bad.
Lisa Kornstein says she grew up a tomboy and was "never really into clothes." That changed while she was getting her master's degree in counseling and took a part-time job at a store in South Carolina. She realized she could sell.
NEW YORK - The stock market closed just short of a record Monday as investors assessed positive earnings reports.
In the Region Pier 35 development planned A company bought a parcel beside Waterfront Square towers along the Delaware River and plans a residential...
The Street: After what seemed like a very long winter, warmer days are finally ahead of us. It’s time to put out the grill and plan that perfect barbecue. It’s going to be a whole lot of fun, but it won’t be cheap.