Saturday, July 4, 2015

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The latest twist in federal airline oversight - word that the Justice Department is looking for evidence that major carriers collude to prop up fares by keeping empty seats scarce - should be enough to make even a frequent flyer dizzy.
The Street: Gas prices are significantly lower than they were last year. In fact they're at the lowest level they've been in the last five years, so 2015 marks a particularly great year to get out on the road. But the longer-term takeaway is probably to enjoy these lower prices because likely we won't see gas prices this low ever again.
WASHINGTON (AP) - A top U.S. auto safety regulator accused Fiat Chrysler of failing to provide timely and accurate recall information to her agency and said that customers also have problems getting accurate information.
NEW YORK (AP) - Ford is recalling 432,000 Focus, C-Max and Escape vehicles because of a software problem that could keep their engines running after drivers try to shut them down.
NEW YORK (AP) - About 3,000 inflatable baby floats are being recalled because they can deflate, posing a risk that a child could drown.
GOBankingRates: Whether you’re single or married, have a large or small family, finding ways to save money is always a good feeling. And with so many generic options out there these days, it’s often tempting to just buy the cheaper products and save your money for something else. But “cheaper” doesn’t always mean better.
The Street: Major department stores are holding big sales events this weekend. Here's a roundup of your best bets for savings.
The Street: Consumers will be able to order everything that is sold at a 7-Eleven, including food, over-the-counter medicine, and batteries. For now, the partnership only holds in San Francisco and Oakland, but the two companies plan to expand.
The Street: There are certain items that the summer masses aren't looking for that get a sizable discount for those willing to shop offseason.
DETROIT (AP) - Newer cars aren't supposed to need more oil between oil changes, but Consumer Reports found that some engines - mainly from Audi, BMW and Subaru - require an extra quart as often as once a month.
The Street: As bad as all the evidence sounds, Kevin Hoult, a onetime district manager for a regional grocery chain, predicted that Whole Foods' problems will blow over. He explained: "It will likely only impact share price briefly, because the majority of consumers don't really care that much about packaging W&M [weights & measures] issues."
The Street: From smartphones and computers to smartwatches, fitness bands and high-resolution digital music players, there are many great choices when it comes to gifts for Father's Day as well as high school and college graduates. Here are some of our choices for well-priced, high-quality gifts for 2015.
Sizmek, DataXu, Brilig. Ethnio Analytics, Audience Science, Datalicious DataCollector. Some of the hundreds of Web trackers busily snooping as you browse the Internet are named with pointless puns or vague allusions to poetry. Others might sound more open about their aims - but only to those who know these trackers are looking.
The racketeering lawsuit filed against the carpenters' union by the Pennsylvania Convention Center is a "public relations stunt dressed as a federal lawsuit," the union said in its motion to dismiss, filed Tuesday.
Aetna aims to spend about $35 billion to buy rival Humana and become the latest health insurer bulking up on government business as the industry adjusts to the federal health-care overhaul.
Since 1682, the first planned city in the United States, Philadelphia, was and is a city of firsts in America:
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - Motorists are seeing slightly lower prices at the pumps in New Jersey.
Renée James, the company's highest-ranking woman, spent 28 years there. She'll seek a CEO role elsewhere.
Intel Corp. president Renée James will step down to seek a CEO role elsewhere, in a reshuffle that cements CEO Brian Krzanich's control over the world's largest chipmaker.
The latest twist in federal airline oversight - word that the Justice Department is looking for evidence that major carriers collude to prop up fares by keeping empty seats scarce - should be enough to make even a frequent flyer dizzy.
HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - Pennsylvania casinos have stopped the bleeding when it comes to slot machines.
ATHENS, Greece (AP) - Greeks packed city squares for dueling rallies late into the night Friday, as polls showed a dead heat between the 'yes' and 'no' camps ahead of a bailout referendum Sunday that could be Greece's most important vote since it joined the European Union.
NEW YORK (AP) - China has reportedly decided to bar new initial public offerings of stock and create a fund to stabilize its stock market, which has been roiled by a wave of selloffs.
PARIS (AP) - Uber is suspending its low-cost ride-hailing service in France, hoping to defuse an escalating legal dispute and sometimes-violent tensions with traditional French taxi drivers.
The Street: Consumer products companies have long relied on subtly reducing package contents as a way to raise prices without, well, actually raising prices. The trend may be picking up now as they try to balance rising material costs with customers reluctant to pay more at the cash register.
GOBankingRates: We've rounded up 10 sneaky ways your money is leaving you before you even have a chance to use it. Read on to see how you can keep more of your paycheck for yourself next month.
With the 4th of July holiday upon us, experts at Mayo Clinic are offering up some injury prevention tips on some of the most common reasons that send people to the emergency department this time of year.