Saturday, July 26, 2014
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U.S. safety regulators are investigating whether an electrical problem can knock out the air bags on some older Hyundai Sonatas.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration isn't required to hold public hearings to evaluate the health risks of widespread use of antibiotics in animal feed, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday.
The Street: A used car hasn't always been a great deal since the recession, but buyers in some U.S. towns are finding them a much easier sale than others.
The Street: According to, 67% of consumers plan to renovate within the next six months and some 32% will spend over $10,000 on renovations.
If an iced coffee from Dunkin' Donuts is part of your afternoon routine, expect a nudge to buy a cookie or doughnut you didn't plan on.
The Street: With little more than a month left until Labor Day, the debate about buying a park pass should have ended by now right? Not if you still want to save money.
The Street: The average U.S. household spends some $3,000 a year on gasoline, but you can save roughly the equivalent of one month's fuel bill by simply paying with one of these five credit cards.
The first step to saving on groceries is to be more conscious of your spending and the ways you can save.
A Central California company is recalling specific lots of its fresh peaches, plums, nectarines and pluots sold nationwide at Costco and Trader Joe's over concerns of possible listeria contamination.
General Motors issued six more recalls on Wednesday, bringing its annual total to 60 recalls covering almost 30 million vehicles.
Nonprofit organization Goodwill Industries Inc. is working with federal officials to investigate a possible security breach.
It's an almost weekly occurrence: On Tuesday, Goodwill said its computer systems may have been hacked, leading to the possible theft of customers' credit and debit card information. The nonprofit agency, which operates 2,900 stores in the U.S., said it is working with federal investigators to look into a possible breach.
Rochester-based Wegmans Food Markets Inc., which has stores in the Philadelphia suburbs, said in a statement that it was removing from its stores several organic and nonorganic summer fruit items from a California-based packing company.
The Street: Many of Walk Score's top cities - New York, San Francisco, Boston, Washington and Chicago - are also among the nation's most expensive. With an eye toward cutting costs, we took a look at some of the less expensive options listed.
The Street: As the sun sets on this summer's seasonal beers, we offer up 10 that you should try before your grocery store starts stocking backpacks and notebooks in the seasonal aisle and before the beer aisle starts looking like the refrigerator at a Halloween party.
The Street: By the time Paul and Joan Ostroff went to Consumer Credit Counseling (now run in Philadelphia by Clarifi) for help in 2010, they owed $88,000 on about 20 credit cards.
The Street: The aim here is to highlight destinations with very few lovers and an awful lot of haters.
The Street: Several parents told The Street they are supporting their adult kids who are working low-paying jobs by providing cars, paying health insurance, car insurance, cell phone plans, groceries plus housing expenses and utilities and even college costs and student loans without asking a dime in return because they find it hard to even broach the subject of asking their adult kids to pitch in for expenses.
The Street: Suburban communities are known for green grass, good schools and other kid-friendly features - but all of those children have to come from somewhere, so here's a look at America's sexiest suburbs.
A lawsuit filed in New York last year by a then-Vanguard Group Inc. tax attorney, and unsealed Friday, alleges that Vanguard has wrongly avoided paying federal and state income taxes since its creation.
Merck & Co., which is reorganizing to slash $2.5 billion in costs and 8,500 workers, has informed Pennsylvania officials that it will cut 600 jobs at facilities in North Wales and Lansdale.
The Street: By compiling data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, researchers at Retale, a location-based shopping app, discovered "education is a key influencer of consumer behavior."
The Street: A used car hasn't always been a great deal since the recession, but buyers in some U.S. towns are finding them a much easier sale than others.
Russia's consumer protection agency has filed a suit against McDonald's for allegedly selling food that does not meet legal standards.