Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Something's not right at new job

DEAR HARRY: I recently got my master's degree in electrical engineering. The university had a wonderful job-interviewing system that gets virtually everyone placed. Two companies interested me, and I was "wined and dined" by both. I took the job that offered what seemed a warmer internal culture. During my orientation, my mentor told me of some unsavory - and probably illegal - activities of which they seemed to be proud. When he saw my reaction, he urged me to "get with it and join the club." I reported this to my boss, who told me to go along with it until I was able to understand more about the company. I guess I should have quit on the spot, but I didn't. My other prospective employer still wants me. What do I do?

WHAT HARRY SAYS: Maintain your high ethical standards. Most businesses do not engage in shady activities. You're already unhappy with your choice, and it won't get better. Take the other job. Because you're probably in an industry in which you have a nondisclosure contract, they won't ask for an explanation. If they do, you can reply that you didn't see eye-to-eye with your co-workers. I hope you don't discover similar activities at your new place. It does not seem that you have enough evidence to report to authorities, so I'd stay mum.


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