What is Certified Pre-Owned

he buzz on the street today is Certified Pre-Owned or CPO. Even though there are many used cars on the road, not every one of them qualifies for certification. Typically, a CPO vehicle is a used car that has gone through a rigorous inspection process and that has an extended warranty beyond the car's existing warranty. Other hallmarks of its excellent condition are age limits, very little wear and tear, no major body damage sustained in its lifetime, no inadequate repairs, and fewer miles than a standard, non-certified used car. The best way to describe a CPO car is one that needs very little reconditioning or was reconditioned to original factory specifications.

As a result of stringent guidelines and strict criteria associated with the CPO qualification process, certified pre-owned vehicles are guaranteed, or certified, by the manufacturer. Keep in mind that the benefit of a manufacturers CPO car is the ability to have it repaired at any authorized service center rather than at the selling dealers facility.

In addition to manufacturer-based certification programs, there are a variety of beneficial certified pre-owned programs backed by car dealers. However, in this section, when we refer to CPO, we're referring to manufacturer certification programs. For added peace of mind, virtually every certified pre-owned vehicle sold today comes with a comprehensive vehicle history report as back up documentation in addition to comprehensive inspections and warranties.