Hot Cars Can Kill

We all know summers stifling sun can turn a car into an instant bake oven.

At best, its an inconvenient annoyance, one that causes a frantic opening-of-windows and a desperate turning-on-of-the-air-conditioning to get immediate relief from the heat.

At worst, a hot car can be a killer if your child inadvertently gets left inside.

As the mother of two young children, I have always been fearful of hyperthermia one of the leading causes of non-crash, non-traffic automobile related deaths among children according to recent reports. If you're like me, your daily life is filled with many details, details that can distract you from important things. And for many well-intentioned parents with too many details on their mind, these distractions have proven deadly.

Ive read many news reports about this subject one of a parent who was distracted and forgot to drop his child off at daycare, instead heading straight to work, straight out of his car and straight into the office, not knowing his child was still in the back seat another report of a babysitter who took an infant in her care on a special outing, forgetting to remove the child from the car upon their return home.

Sadly, there are many stories like this, but gladly, theres a company offering a unique solution to help parents avoid a tragedy such as this.

Baby Alert, a company specializing in child safety products, recently announced the introduction of ChildMinder, a system designed to alert parents when their child is left inside a vehicle.

The device completely automated and alarm-enabled is designed to replace a child's existing car seat clip with a Smart Clip. Once the Smart Clip is in place, parents take a remote alarm with them, clipped to their key chain. When parents walk more than 10 feet away from their car, an alarm immediately rings to alert them of the danger. The minute the Smart Clip is unfastened, the system is deactivated.

Whats more, the ChildMinder system has built-in features that help remind parents their child is in the car, including a nursery rhyme player that continuously operates (not only to remind parents their child is still inside but to ensure they don't forget to take their key chain with them) as well as a transmitter on the inside of the drivers door that emits a beeping sound when the door is open (to remind parents not to forget their child is in the vehicle). The beeping alarm is deactivated when either the drivers door is shut, or when the Smart Clip is unfastened. is finicky about the products it endorses, but this is one endorsement were happy to make. In our opinion, its about time a company such as Baby Alert devoted the effort and resources required to develop a child safety product such as this.

For more information about ChildMinder, check out the baby alert website at

Written by Jennifer Lange
Director of Public Relations (and mother to Clayton and Emma)