Interior Maintenance Advice

From an interior standpoint, your car needs to be treated much like you treat the inside of your home. Regular detailing, cleaning and the use of protectants and sealants can improve the overall appearance and longevity of a cars upholstery, carpet and interior components, including dashboards and headliners. Its especially important to pay close attention to areas that will be exposed to the sun, such as the dash board, top of the door panels and the deck panel. Use products with UV protection to prevent fading that will cause the material to dry out and crack in the future.

There are a variety of products available on the market today designed to protect a cars upholstery and carpet from dirt, stains and damaging elements. Some simple solutions include the use of seat covers, plastic floor mats and spray-on carpet protector, as well as the use of sealants on dashboards and other interior rubber components. Investing in a set of floor mats will save wear on the carpet and make cleaning much easier as well.

And theres nothing like good ole common sense when it comes to the interior care of your vehicle if you eat, drink or smoke while driving, you should expect the occasional mishap when it comes to spillage, stains, or burns. Sure, a hot cup of coffee is great in the morning, but not if it ends up in your lap. offers a complete Car Detailing Information Center which outlines exactly what types of products to use when protecting your vehicles exterior as well as how to use the specific products we've outlined. If you don't have the time to detail your vehicle yourself, you can always solicit the help of a qualified, trained vehicle detail specialist to assist you.

When selling or trading in your car, first impressions can mean thousands of dollars. A clean car will give the appearance of a well maintained which could ultimately mean more money at resale time.