Incentives and Rebates

A majority of automotive manufacturers offer special incentives programs that impact the price of the vehicle and may ultimately impact your monthly payment. Be sure to research current incentives and rebates information at before you go shopping or ask your dealer if any special financing offers apply to the vehicle you're interested in buying. Some manufacturer Incentives include:

1. Reduced finance rates
2. Cash back on certain models
3. Loyalty bonus
4. Graduate or military incentives

If there are no special financing rates available, you can negotiate the annual percentage rate of the car loan (or the APR) as well as the payment terms at the dealership level. These elements are just as negotiable as the manufacturer's suggested retail price of the vehicle or the MSRP. Once you know you can negotiate the APR and/or the loan terms, this information will help you secure the loan that best suits your needs and your own personal lifestyle. Important Note: Remember that certain manufacturer incentives and rebates are NOT negotiable and they may be limited based on your credit qualifications. Additionally, certain incentives and rebates programs are only available for certain makes, models or model-year vehicles, or in certain regions.