Applying Offers to your Car Purchase

To begin, it's important for you to pick the vehicle that best fits your needs, your wants and your lifestyle first, then research whether or not there are applicable incentives and rebates. offers a Vehicle Matchmaker Service, allowing you to find the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle and your wallet.

Once you've determined the vehicle you want (and its current offers), it's time to research its price. Know exactly what that car costs before you factor in any current offers. And be sure to know your credit score ahead of time.

Unless the manufacturer is offering zero percent financing, be sure to research the interest rates being offered by different lenders before you accept the interest rate incentive being offered by the manufacturer. You might find a lower rate with better terms somewhere else. Be sure to check out the Financing Center to find out what rates our financing partner is currently offering.

And finally, review the current offers carefully. There are logistics involved with deciding between a low-interest loan and a rebate, so be sure to do the math. First, determine your monthly payment with the interest rate, then with the cash rebate factored into the equation. Finally, multiply your answers by the amount of time you'll be financing the car.